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Exam Grades/Whine about Exams here!


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I'm one of the kids with the B+ curse. It follows me everywhere.


Spanish II: A

Chorus: A- (this is weird, because I had an A- one quarter, an A another, and an A+ on the final... how does that average to an A- ?)

Honors Biology: B+

Band: A

Geometry: B (I'm awful at geometry, but good at other things in math.)

American History: A

Honors English: B+

Health: A-

Gym: A


I'm taking both Spanish III and French I next year. Here's hoping I won't get confused!

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Wow why do so many people got +90??? That's out of 100 right? Then it's not normal to have such high points! Here in Belgium most of us get like 70 or less, 80 is rare, having 90+ is very rare.

But then again our educational system is said to be the hardest and most difficult in the world.

I'm getting my marks in two weeks. And I'm happy if I've got 70% in total, cause then I know I've worked hard enough!


The way things are grades are much much different in other countries. My girlfriend studied abroad in Australia and everything is basically graded on a curve. Mostly everyone gets C's, and then the really good and bad grades are given to a select few. I think that is how it is done in a lot of other countries.


Here in the US, high school is basically a joke. If you can breathe and show up for most of your classes, you get a diploma. In college, as long as you can breathe and aren't as dumb as a rock, you should at least get a D.

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^ Not in Montgomery County Maryland. Jesus christ. They made me re-take Algebra two...because I got a C and I even passed the final!


Soooooooo many seniors didn't graduate this year. Just because they didn't have 60 Community service hours (everyone had to have those hours or they don't graduate). It's so hard to graduate in this county.


Usually you see everyone graduate.

The Preps

The Goths

The Punks

Even the Stoners.



This year, some kind of person from every high school qlique in our school didn't graduate. It was so wierd. Usually it's just the stoners that don't graduate. This year was a BIG change.

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^ Our school also has service learning as a required course. 30 hours your Freshman/Sophmore year and 40 hours your Junior/Senior year. What sucks is that they won't let you combine the two, and just have them all done at once. I have over 238 hours at our local museum and IMAX theatre since Sept. 2005. However, I can only count 30 for the class (so far).


I actually enjoy volunteering. I am the only person from my school to volunteer there currently (god knows why...) You just have to find the volunteer work that is right for you, and this is right for me. I enjoy the film industry, so it is an enjoyable job. Nearly all of the other volunteers at the museum/IMAX are retired. I am truly respected there because I earn respect. Even though I am only in high school, I have friends from the Putnam who are out of college, working full-time.


I used to be deathly afraid of public speaking. I couldn't stand it. But volunteering at our IMAX, I had to give opening and closing speeches for every show, in front of a full audience, over a microphone. I faced my fear, and now I can public speak like you can't believe. (Although it was scary when one of our projectors broke in a sold out show, and the show had to be cancelled. Ugh... terrible. And I had to announce it.)


My message is this: make the most of your volunteering. If you do, you will reap the rewards of it. You'll get skills (working with people, public speaking, workplace, being professional) to help you for the future. It isn't that bad, trust me. Find a place and job that is right for you, and you'll enjoy it.


(End of inpirational speech)


I think you were wondering why I had nine classes. Gym and health meet opposite each other, so I only have eight classes every day. That is more than what is needed, but I want to take as many (easy) high school classes as possible before the (hard) college classes. I'm not an overachiever, but I just want to be prepared for the future.

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Well, its that time of year again.


I'm taking my finals this week and I hope I survive them. Thanks to block scheduling, my exam schedule is crazy! Although, I do like that my Algebra and Spanish finals (two finals I think I'm going to choke on) are split into two days. But Tuesday is going to be pure hell with three exams!


Monday: Spanish III/Algebra II finals (Part 1)

Tuesday: Chemistry, Spanish III/Algebra II finals (Part 2)

Wednesday: Economics final

Thursday: American Gov't and Photo finals


Welp, any exams you feel like your going to breeze through or bite the bullet?

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I got











My dad wasn't to happy about my science and art results,he warned me before my exams that if i didn't get all A's i wouldn't be able to sit down for months(basically he'd belt me)

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Tough my exams start in 4 weeks, here are the results of the last ones:


Modern Japanese grammar: 13/20

Modern Japanese exercises: 12/20

Japanese culture: 12/20

Japanese history 'till 1868: 14/20

Economy: 11/20


Good grades considering only 4 other people of the 30 passed...

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I got straight Bs here in Australia for year 12 stuff


The percnetages here are

A: 85-100

B: 70-84

C+: 65-69

C: 55-64

C-: 50-54

D: 35-49

E: 34 and under.


Just one question, why do so many of you do American history when your in America??? Our history is around the world stuff, not Australian.

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