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RTR : London, The Vault and a fair!

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First Random trip report, but it's my first photo trip report aswell, but anyway, I hope I will be able to get over how cool the trip was through the photos and shizzle. I have hosted the pics on my site cause they are quite large etc. I'll let the pics do the talking and I hope you enjoy it!


The images are quite high res cause I can't be assed to compress them. But bear with it! Don't recommend for 56KB people though. But meh, enjoy!


First stop of the day. The Apple shop. Was kinda boring in there. The demonstration upstairs kinda sucked and was very very basic Photoshop. So we got the camera out and did the fan boy classic, a group photo.


The lights on Regent Street were look nice, much better at night though!


Then back on the Tube to go accross to the Hard Rock Vault. Michael looks so excited!


However Mike and Jon look way more excited. What a happy couple!


The Hard Rock Vault is a high security vault underneath the Hard Rock Cafe shop and it contains classic and priceless memorabilia from the history of rock. They have original handwritten lyrics by John Lennon, his glasses, tea set. Loads of Hendrix stuff, loads of guitars etc. It really is worth a look and best of all. It's free! And you can touch or hold anything! It rocks!


Some stuff of John Lennons


Guitar's and shizzle. I think in this pic you can see, Hendrix's guitar, Bob Dylans, Les Pauls and loads more


More guitars...


Stevie Ray Vaughan's guitar. I want it so much! And I got to hold it, lovely guitar. Note his initials on the fretboard and he signed it.


Blues section. Note BB King's guitar and the guitars made from metal that are used to play with a slide.


Me holding SRV's guitar. Let the blues never die!


Me holding Hendrix's £3 Million guitar. The most expensive guitar in the world. It's sweet!


Then we went over to the fair. Most rides were £2.50 each with rocked. There afterburner kicked Vortex ass so much. Just shows how crap Thorpe run Vortex. Seriously, this one gave every seat the top seat every time. It rocked! Crazy mouse was pretty cool. Was funny more than anything. And the booster was cool. I prefer the Fabbri version for some reason but it still rocked. Worth £5. Great views from the top. Only one pic from the fair:


Booster TBH


Then, back onto the underground again to make our way to get some food in Leicster Square.


Mike and Jon look so happy to be back on the Underground again!


After food at McDonalds which has CCTV cameras in the toilets and a screen outside in the eating bit so we can watched people in the toilets, we went over to play THE DRUM GAME! You kit that artifical drum Michael!


Then in HMV we found THIS! Who in their right mind would buy it???


Then back accross the road to Virgin. But look at the lights!


But look who has to spoil it! ARGH! It's the attack of Michen Chivers!


After that we went on the DLR for a bit cause I had never been on it. It was very cool. We got our last group picture taken by some tourist person outside a cool statue at Tower Hill.


Oooooooh, GROUP PIC!!111one


And that was it. Overall it was spiffy day out! Hope you enjoyed the trip report.

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Thanks for the comments guys and I definatly recommend the Vault to anyone if you are in central London. Even if you arn't a massive music fan it is pretty amazing to be in a room with so many cool, priceless music memorabilia. And getting to touch and hold some of it is even cooler. And it's free.

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