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Rose Of Sharyn [NL]

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Here's one of my favorite projects, I made it a while ago but i've only just started posting.


Its an intamin hyper track, but there are a three inversions (loop, zero g roll and an immelman).


Theres also a top hat and an S bend hill...


I think the ride is pretty smooth, but I guess you'll have to decide that.


Without further faffing, I present Rose Of Sharyn.






Rose Of Sharyn.nltrack

RoS Download.

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Sorry for the lack of photo's, I always forget...




Heres the train passing through the lift hill supports:


The 180 turn half way down the first drop:


The loop: (I always make my loops as fast and as powerfull as I can get away with, theres nothing more annoying than poorly paced loops!)


The S bend airtime hill (and Zero G roll underneath):


And an overview, if you shake your head backwards and forwards you might be able to see it a bit better :


Thats all folk's.

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