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Premium Season Passes

Which is better?  

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  1. 1. Which is better?

    • Premium Season Pass
    • Regular Season Pass

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I've had a Six Flags season pass for 2 years now, and I've always wondered about what the premium season pass is like. Since I've always had the regular season pass.


The description on the Six Flags site says:


"With a Premium Season Pass, you'll receive regular season pass benefits plus the exclusive discount of 25% off regular-priced food and retail, a FREE Premium Season Pass value book packed with FREE tickets to exciting Denver attractions, one FREE parking coupon and early Island Kingdom Water Park entry on select days. Some restrictions apply. In-park benefits are valid only at Six Flags Elitch Gardens. Not valid for private parties. Children three and under and adults 70+ are free at Six Flags Elitch Gardens."


The only thing is, I wouldn't use the stuff like the 25% off food, or the free tickets to Denver's attraction. And what exactly are the 'benefits'?


The regular pass is $49.99, premium is $74.99

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Looks like you've already made your decision.

Basically though, the one deal breaker for me in reguards to "premium" level passes is parking.

Since it's not included I can't see much of a benefit. Since you have a pass you obviously go frequently and never buy park food. Also, while the early entry to the waterpark seems nice, that's assuming full park operations at time of entry. It wouldn't suprise me to find only 1 or 2 slides actually open during your "ERT".


Meh, it's Six Flags. It's not like you get additional benefits at other parks. The Busch park passes are TOTALLY worth it though. At the "Platinum" level you get free preferred parking at ALL of their parks/water parks as well as free entry and merch/food discounts. I whored the crap out of my pass last year.



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I don't think it is worth it for an extra $25.00... But that is just my opinion. You can get FREE rides on Scream! with that parking pass! It actually depends, really. The factors would probably be, do you like theme park food a lot, is the parking at your home Six Flags very expensive, do you live near Denver? I would think hard about before you choose. All in all, I agree with Jeezus Juice.

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Parking is $10 this year. I usually go around 2 times a month.


The food at Elitch's is...interesting. The really only good food is the chili fries and Mile High Nacho's. But other than that its usually cheaper to just bring a sandwich and eat it in the parking lot.


But I still want to know what some of the 'benifits' are. Like would it be a spot in Fear-o-rama.

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If SFEG's passes are like SFOT's, they include free passes (for friends), ERT times, bigger discounts and tickets to various other places (at SFOT: Ft Worth Zoo, State Fair of Texas, Movie Tickets, etc.).


Alot of the "offers" for the other places are a bit of a rip-off as they have certain "times" you can use them. Like the State Fair's free ticket is only good on tuesdays and wednesdays before 2pm. So if your in school or work, thats a day off to use it.

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I can't drive. There fore, I don't need it. By the way, do you know if play pass holders for SFMM have the benifit to ride Tatsu before it opens, like they're doing with Expidition Everest. I hope so.


They haven't said so. I'd probably assume no.

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Both, especially if you're married/ have a boyfriend or girlfriend that you know will be going with you. That way one of you can get the cheaper Play Pass and the driver can get the one with the free parking! Woot, SAVINGS!!! Plus, the whole food discount thing, they order for both.. how can you go wrong?!




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^ Well, at least you've done that now, so we can return to the regular, cool, funny Wes that we've come to know and love.


The Xtreme Play Pass is $125 at SFMM and we get free parking on every visit (normally $10); four free FastLane passes (normally $15 for four); 25% off of selected merchandise; 20% off of food at major food outlets (not the carts); the same coupon book that you get with the regular pass; and four special to-be-announced events at the park.


Plus, of course, free admission to all Six Flags parks, but we don't get the extra bennies there.


It's worth it to me, and I'll get it this year, too. I had planned to go last week, but the crowds (from what I heard) were outrageous.



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I am a Busch parks and a Universal Florida Premium pass holder and I wouldn't have it any other way.


When I go to the parks, the only expense I wanna worry about is gas! The fact that most FL parks have a $9 parking fee PLUS I go more than 10 times during a given year, it only makes since to get the premium goodies! $9 x 10 is $90 dollars, which would EASILY put me at the premium rate anyway.

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