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Six Flags Alaska

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I am working on two parks that will be part of the Six Flags Alaska Resort. I am still have at least 15 hours to go on the main park, and the second park (Six Flags Worlds of Adventure) still has over 30 hours to go. Even though I have a Mac, i hope my coasters can give you ideas, and you can tell me what I should work on.


some Six Flags Alaska Coasters:


Zeus-hyper woodie

Goliath-Intamin hyper






Rumor: Park workers have been heard talking about the next major attraction. They say it will go over by Predator, and that it will be the most themed ride in the park. Some say it will be a dark ride, and others say it will be a new coaster. Right now, the park seems to want to build an impulse or flying coaster.

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^It is my first time with RCT3, and my first time with RCT in about 2 years since my windows computer died.


I am going to add several buildings and scenery to the park, so it will not look like a field with trees.

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Is it just me or do the colors on those pics look better than the ones from the PC version? Seriously...


My pics from my PC version always look kinda washed out.


How is the mac versions performance? I might grab a copy later when it drops in price for my macs. Heck one of the big reasons I got a PC was for the RCT series. Well that and certain programs I needed for classes.

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Major Announcement:


Six Flags has announced that the entire rear of the park will be redone. It will be themed similar to Golden Kingdom, and will be called lost Island. A water coaster, vekoma flyer, and an impulse coaster will be among the new rides added. The park has also said that 3 water slides, 2 go-kart tracks, 1 mini golf course, and a pirate ship will also be added. Pics of this new area will be added later, and if you have names for any of the coasters, you can pm me, and I will announce the winner.

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Lost Island is almost done, and two more ride areas have been added to the park. For the expansion, I had to remove the Giant Dipper and Shooting Star coasters. Right now, SFA has 17 coasters and 68 non coaster rides.


Lost Island:


Here is predator:


American Eagle-a B&M stand-up:


here are 2 new ride areas


This will be the last update until the 13 or 14.

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