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Photo TR: Castles 'n Coasters 12/31/2005

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So to add on to all the talk about Castles 'n Coasters here lately, yesterday I took a trip over there.


The park is located in what amounts to an outparcel of land in the parking lot of a mall that's seen better days. I thought it was overall a decent stop, but certain things like "we must fill every seat to run the ride" and the use of green carpet instead of actual living grass sort of struck me as odd.


Anyway, on to the photos, with my apologies for the overcastness. I had to pick the one cloudy afternoon to visit, after all.


Finally, I found this interesting building just down the road from the park. Anyone know what this might have been before?




I forgot to take any photos of Patriot while I was in the park, so I took this one while I was waiting at a stoplight on my way out.


Mini-golf also figures into the Castles 'n Coasters experience. They have several courses. You can see the "artificial grass" here surrounding the pagoda.


And there's one of the helices.


Finally, a few obligatory pictures of Desert Storm. That's the first loop.


These heavy-duty turnstiles control access to nearly every ride at the park.


At first I thought that seagulls had used this boat as a perch, but then I remembered: We're in the desert.


To avoid collisions on the go-kart track, the park has thoughtfully joined the karts together as a train.


Here's the Moser Freefall. It looks like a big Frog Hopper, but it's not.


Enough of the stuff, back to the rides. Here's the Hopkins log flume. Looks pretty nice, but it was too cold for me to go on this today.


And here's Tigger. Are those teeth? And blood?


I suppose these are characters from Winnie the Pooh, but I have no idea what's going on here.


Little Bo-Peep thoughtfully provided parachutes for her sheep, but she forgot to take care of herself. Maybe part of the reason was in that bottle of gin that's flown out of her purse.


Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. Look at all the junk he had in his pockets! Sadly, I don't think the King's (anthropomorphic) Horses and the Kings Men will be able to catch him--Humpty looks a tad big.


Around the base of Sky Diver are more airbrushed mishaps. Here's a panel depicting scenes from Peter Pan and the Wizard of Oz. Also, Special Guest Star Snoopy! (Note Toto apparently plummeting to a certain death.)


Up they go.


Sky Diver is a great drop ride. It's an A.R.M./Larson Super Shot, as at Morey's Piers and Cypress Gardens.


One of the many "Revalue Stations," this one is themed to a scene from The Godfather.


I'm not sure, but this might be Jack and Jill with Special Guest Star Pegasus.


The park seems to employ an airbrush artist who loves to portray mishaps. Here, we see a food-and-gum catastrophe.


To the left, mall parking. To the right, rides (and stuff).


The "inside the station" shot of Desert Storm. "I need all seats filled before I can run the coaster." -Operator


Here is the park's Ferris wheel.


They promise rides. They promise stuff. I see rides, so let's see if they can deliver on "stuff." It's quite a commitment to make such a promise!


The park has kindly provided signage to help guests who may not have realized that those things are called "stairs."


Here's the inside of the building. Is it a castle? I don't know. But it has a nice selection of games, though the building itself is a bit rough around the edges.


Approaching from the "arcade" parking area, this is your view. Signs posted indicate that everyone must spend a minimum of $7.50 in order to be allowed on the property. "Happy Holidays!" -Banner

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I thought the one by the Desert Storm arch was pretty good. It said something like "parents watch your kids" and it showed a kid fall off the kiddie ride and completely doing a face plant into the concrete!

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I thought Super Salid was a golf store before.

That's possible, though what I really wonder was what the building was originally. I see it as a 60's-era fast-food place for some reason.


That guy that was oping Skydiver was oping Desert Storm when I was there. He was listing to his mp3 player all day.

Yeah, he didn't seem like the most enthusiastic or observant ride operator. He just kind of stared at the floor while the ride did its thing. He also got up as the gondola was slowing down, and I could have kicked him in the head. (I didn't.)

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The "Rides N Stuff" was probably left over from when the park was called "Golf N Stuff," which I believe it was at one time. I haven't been to this park, but I'm sure it was a Golf N Stuff once. We have one here in Ventura County, but it only has bumper boats, Lil Indy cars, and bumper cars as far as rides go.



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Is it just me, or do Snoopy and Toto look like they are burning up as they reenter the atmosphere???

And that Shah painting...he's not throwing them, he's paddling them! The one kid is walking away holding his butt and crying, while the genie guy is swinging a paddle at the kid in his hand. Crazy!

The more I see of this park, it totally looks like a place where I would have a blast!



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