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The Youtube Thread


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It's just software. The program's called Virtual DJ. It's meant to be used live so you can create some decent stuff fairly fast. The learning curve's pretty small too, I picked it up in a couple hours.


Ok, just some tips to think of when mixing that I'm mostly thinking of

Most basic is to beatmatch, this will come with practising. Mixing two of the same tracks is a good way to start.

Second is to learn how electronic dance music is structured and learn where the tracks "action points" are. Normally built by blocks of bars, usually 4-16 bars. Intro's are mostly 16-32 bars before the songs really go anywhere. Breakdowns are usually 16-32 bars long. It helps to count 1-2-3-4, 2-2-3-4 and so on or whatever works for you. Listen and study the tracks.

So the thing is to synchronize two tracks when for example a track is going in to a break down, mix in the other track, from the intro or a breakdown as well, and when the tracks kicks hits you've switched from the first tracks to the other tracks bass frequency. Or when the playing tracks outro starts that's when you want to have your mixed in track to take over or start to take over.

For more advanced techniques is to mix with matching keys making songs lift up to another level. There are programs out there that can sort out the songs keys like mixed-in-keys that does this for you. This is something that will come in a later phase of practising and is not something you have to do. But from what I know most professionals does this.

I don't, I just listen to the songs if they'll sound ok or horrible.

When making longer mixes it's good to program the tracks well, meaning think of how you want the mix to go overall, starting with some more calm songs and then build up the intensity to a peak and go crazy. And after the frenzy go back to a more slowed down feeling to end the mix or to start building up again.

And lastly practise a lot but most important is to have fun.


If you think you'll keep on doing this and want to go further you can upgrade the equipment. Traktor and Serato are the most used softwares but will work best with midi-controllers.

And for hardware Pioneer has some start-up equipment. They're not cheap but they will last for a long time and the sound quality are top-notch.


Keep up practicing and having fun!

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Just had a flashback of when I was younger...


This was from an 80s "exercise" program on Showtime. I wonder if anyone really did the exercises. The execises certainly weren't for Holly Homemaker's benefit.


Ignore the blonde girl in first 30 seconds... she's playing. The real girl, Deborah, shows you how its done. All I can say is anyone that tries to keep up with that routine (especially when she get worked up near the end, almost knocking herself out with her foot) better have Mercy General on speed dial!






Edit: Some of you youngsters can show this to your fathers... if they chuckle when they see it, you know what they "watched" when they were younger.

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