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WDW 50th Castle

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Okay, incase you didn't know, the MK castle was redone for Disneylands 50th. It looks fine apart from this amazingly ugly stained glass window of the DL castle (i think it's actual size). It's not as bad as MK's 25th Cake attempt but still not very good.


From WDW Info

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Great Pic.. I was there a few days ago and I thought it looked really well. Not as gaudy as I thought with the figurines all over the place. The Spires look great.. and are very sparkly like the Epcot sign.


Aside from that.. the Hub is looking great. Lots of space for Cinderellabration viewing.


Wasn't the castle getting a new lighting package?



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I dislike the stained glass picture on the front of the castle. It just doesn't look good AT ALL. Ew.


As for the rest of it, I liken. Just remove the Picture, then life would be well again.


I've heard through the Epcot Grapevine, the Epcot sign on the Spaceship Earth may be getting removed.

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Oh, we will NEVER forget that!


I wonder if some people are as pissed about having their wedding pictures in front of this castle, as in front of the evil 25th Anniversery Castle!


Elissa "Maybe I should go see what's going on on my Wedding Board!" Alvey

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At least the cake was creative and temporary.


What really pisses me off is that #%*@ing fantasia hat they put in the middle of MGM. It completely ruins the view of the Mann's Chinese Theatre (as well as a very cool hidden Mickey visable from above). It looks cheap and plasticy. And it doesn't fit the theme of the park (I liked the "streets of New York/LA" five it had going, only to mess it up with a friggin' sombrero).


Some smart imagineer must've said "hey, this park isn't Disney enough -- let's make the connection way too obvious". I loved the park's laid back, more mature vibe. Ah well... nothing I can do about it.



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Elissa "it looks WAY better than the cake...but I'm still glad we already had our wedding pictures done!" Alvey


I LOVED the cake!!!!


Shari "I also love houses where people put like 10,000 plastic Christmas decorations, but then I bet you guessed that about me" Shoufler

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Thats the damn ugliest thing ive ever seen Soeren, burn it to the ground. I'll also agree about the 25th cake castle, christ that thing was horrid. I wonder if these decisions were made by the same gang of idiots who built DCA??


Chris "Wheres The Imagineering?"Zer0

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What I love about the Christmas version of the Celebrate The Magic show is that for a split second, they project this design onto the castle:


And anyone in the hub that remembers is, you can hear them let out an audible groan. It really was just hideous!

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Holy crap, what year is it?! That's one hell of a necro bump, Robb, haha! Unfortunately it served to remind me just how disgusting the birthday cake castle was. Ugh.


Will they be doing something similar for the Diamond celebration in 2015? I know DLR is on a full force, pedal to the metal, make this place look spotless and gorgeous drive at the moment.

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