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Most Themed Ride?

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Posted: Thu Dec 29, 2005 2:36 pm Post subject:






This ride is brilliantly themed!! Shame it's a SLC. This picture doesn't show it off the best, theres much more theming past the trees, it dives into loads of tunnels and the buildings are like..ace...and realistic!




Does anyone know where that is or what it's called? It looks almost enjoyable!

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'Stalen Monsters' (Steel Monsters) @ Spoorwegmuseum (Railwaymuseum )


It's a darkride by KumbaK Coasters, and the most themed.


Wow. That looks great! What city is this RailwayMuseum located, in The Netherlands?


And for me, Disney does it best for both queues and attractions, when it comes to making the ride fit the area it's in, etc. Universal took a good run at it, with IOA. But there are only so many ways you can disguise a steel or wooden coaster w/o completely building it into the attraction itself (read: Exp.Everest?). Dueling Dragons is a good try, it's still a great-themed queue building and then.... two coasters, what else? Revenge of the Mummy (UF) was great, and I only wish it lasted longer, heh heh. Still...


If Disney had their original way, the whole ride (Dragons) would be inside a mountain "beside the castle", or a mammoth castle itself, trust me. Not just at the loading station. That's why, EE is going to work, because even they aren't sure how to theme one of them beasties, heh heh. Yet. And a 'normal' rolle-o-coaster (altho, with some twists here and there, lol) for now, works for their location, theme, Backstory, etc.


To their liking, for now.


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When you think about it, Disney's "California Adventure" is supposed to be a California-themed theme park which just happens to be in - California!

I guess that's why they ran California Screamin' like that...so you'd have scary stories to tell each other while in line (I heard this one time, this guy...) so you get the true carnival experience! :?

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I cant believe nobody has said it yet!


i think everyone has seen the pics..


^^^ My no good, excuse for being to lazy to put up pics...


I think that basically, we've been posting existing attractions that can already be ridden.


But you're definitely right about EE - it's a ride totally themed to the max.


We all hope.


(EDIT - And I did 'sort of' mention EE in my previous post here, a page back.)

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What is the best themed ride you've been on? Post A Pic if you can. Mine is Tomb Raider @PCW


Are you serious? I don't know your track record, so this could be entirely plausible [ie: if you've only ever been to Wonderland, it's about the only themed ride there].. but otherwise, wow. Not to be a jerk but.. wow.


Dueling Dragons is pretty wild, as is Incredible Hulk.


Cat in the Hat?


Basically, anything IOA.

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Given that they had to shoehorn the ride into a scrap of a space, I'd have to say Indy at DLR.


Actually, most Disney attractions are spectacular and in their own class. Except most of DCA, but that was intentional. I guess. Can't beat Mulholland Madness!

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