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DDR Extreme 2


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Extreme 2 and Ultramix 2 have different songlists


I think Cobalt Flux is the next best thing to having an arcade pad or machine in your house. Yeah the arcade pad is better but there is only 1 pad that's just as good, the official Konamistyle Arcade Style DDR pad, only 1000 made and it cost around $2000!, pictures and info here:



I tried for a while to buy an arcade machine but they are way out of my price range so I settled on a Japanese PS2 and a Cobalt Flux combination (because I hated how all my favorite songs from the arcade mixes were constantly being left out of the US games and it gave me a chance to try other music games from Konami like Pop N Music, Guitar Freaks, Keyboardmania etc. which Konami refuses to release here). I used to be really obsessed with DDR (have 23 games including 3 versions for Gameboy Color with a dance pad for the Gameboy Color that fits over the system for your fingers), but I lost interest in the series since Konami stopped releasing arcade versions of the game.

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The Cobalt Flux isn't even the best widely available home pad anymore.


It has been overtaken by the Blueshark pad, which has the same sensors and recessed arrows as the arcade(although this pad hasn't been time proven like the cobalt, the oldest ones are only 7 months into play).


But yes the Cobalt was the best pad in the home market and still has the absolute most solid construction possible for a widely-marketed home pad, but there is no way in crap it lays a finger on the Arcade. Arcade pads can still work after 5 years of constant everyday play by teenagers with sweat, dust, dirt, spilled drinks, and other objects being grinded into the pads. Not to mention the occasional player who stomps at level so that his steps can be heard 70 feet away in a noisy arcade. Plus the fact that with recessed arrows you can find your place much easier.


BTW, yes I am a DDRfreak. I've played this game for 2 years and 3 months now and have AA'd Max 300 at the arcade with 37 greats.

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OK I have never heard of Blueshark because I just got back into DDR after a year sooo...Ya that does look like a pretty nice pad


Man I have to get the PC adapter off lik-sang.com because I almost have all the DDR mixes with I think about 10,000 songs and then I have the Step, N Music addon and boy I really am liking Pop N Music. People should try it out. Its fun.

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