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What's your credit capacity?  

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  1. 1. What's your credit capacity?

    • Always been a whore
    • Converted into whorism by TRP
    • I bribe little kids so I get my credits
    • Screw this, I only ride the COOL credits

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I don't really care to ride the kiddy coasters... which after all ARE for kids, unless it's something unusual like a setpoint swing thing. I also won't suffer through a Vekoma boomerang JUST to say I rode 9 of them, but if someone in my party wants o ride it, I'm game.


I really don't care how big my track record is, I'm just sure to hit all the good rides.

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I don't care much for kiddie coasters but I always ride them for the credit. I have never tried to borrow a kid to get on any of the must be accompanied by a kid coasters, but I have tried sneaking on without a kid, 100% unsuccessfully.


I just about had dislocate both my hips to get my legs into Timberline Twister at Knott's.


Guilty as charged - credit whore, but my offences are relatively minor.

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I've always been a whore, but I have my limitations. I won't pair up with some freaky person to ride coasters at a fair, nor will I bribe a kid (or parent) to ride a kiddie coaster with them. And, if I'm at Kings Island, and the ride has more than a 20 minute wait, I don't need the credit, I'd rather just leave the park altogether and go someplace that I like

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I've bought all of Robb and Elissa's videos, seen all of them many times but have never ever even thought of whoring myself for the stupid credits. I'm not as concerned with the coaster count as I am going on coasters I actually want to. I know I've passed on several boomerangs, and even skipped a park with like 10 "credits" because I plain just didn't want to go (WAY TO CROWDED). There is nothing wrong with credit whoring, but it isn't for me.

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