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DCA's Sun Wheel

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Some people really use their imaginations when counting coaster credits. I was just wondering of anyone counts the Sun Wheel as a credit, since it is a "Coaster Wheel"? And if you keep track of which gondolas you've ridden in, would you count it as up to 16 credits?! hahaha

Anyone have any other examples of stuff people have used to pad their coaster counts? I counted first gen drop rides for a while until I decided that if I didn't count them anymore, I wouldn't have to ride them! hehe



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i still don't like counting twin/racing/dueling/whatever coasters as 2 credits. however, i have finally been coerced into believing i can count Gemini as 2 credits. Space Mountain at WDW, I am not sure if I rode both sides, so I still only count it as one.


Powered coasters you can't count because they don't run on gravity, right??


I also don't count S:TE as a coaster, because it just reminds me of a 1st gen intamin freefall too much. not that i've ridden it or anything.



WOW, I'm coming up with things to NOT count, as opposed to things TO count! lol!

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^ You count Gemini? What about Gwazi then? I count it as 2 coasters, because they are 2 different tracks.


I would also count Gwazi as two if i had ridden both sides. same with DD, who DOESN'T count them as two? I mean, gosh, they're painted two different colours! The only ones I wouldn't count as two are the racers that are one continuous track, like the one at kennywood.


It took some convincing by a certain "credit-whoring" TPR member to get me to count gemini as two... lmao


I mean, come on, if people will ride every kiddie coaster they can to get credits, at least let me count Gemini as two!

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that's so wierd... while in my mind i think "the sunwheel? that's a ferriswheel dip$h!t!" really, i cant think of way way to prve the swinging gondola cars ARN'T rollercoasters...


i mean, they run on wheels, they're not powered, heck, its even a continuous circuit!


but really, there are plenty of things that may technically be rollercoasters that we don't count as credits...

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My rules:

- Racing coasters count as 2 unless they are mirror images of one another AND they do not run one side backwards.

- If you ride XLR8, there are 2 credits: forward and backward.

- Powered coasters are credits, but any non-powered coaster where I am taller than the biggest drop and are not portable (e.g. Goliath Jr.) does not. (Got that?)

- TOGO coasters count as two credits, as you have to force yourself to ride them.

- Sun Wheels are not credits, but Alpine Slides are.

- X's left side and X's right side are each a credit.

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^^^^ Wow, that has got to be some of the strangest counting logic I've ever come across! If you seriously count like that, even Jeff Johnson could take lessons from you.


Still, its your count, however you want to do it is fine.


For me, each track is a credit, regardless of what its neighbor looks like.

Relocated coasters do not count

Freefalls do not count

Mobius racers are 1 credit total

powered coasters do not count

Steeplechase is 1 credit total

Alpine slides are alpine slides, not coasters.

If you ride something both forwards and backwards, its still only 1 credit

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Heres how I count.

1.Racing coasters normally only count as 1.(DD counts as 2)

2.Powered coasters don't count.

3.Fair coasters only count once!

4.Alpine slides arn't credits!!

5.Water coasters are credits no matter how much water section there is!

6.S TE is a coaster!

7.Flashback doesn't count because it doesn't operate!

8. Its not a new credit is they rebuild it!

Thats how I count!

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I used to count dark rides like Devil's Den (Conneaut) and Ghost Trains (Blackpool) as wooden coasters! I figured that they if they have a chain lift, a gravity powered drop and hill and coast back to the station under their own power they must be coasters right...right?!


Then I felt "diirty" and removed them from the list.


Dood! The Sun Wheel is totally 16 credits! :goes to update his count:

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