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Nintendo should make a theme park.

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How cool would this be? A video game park would be the greatest. And who could pull it off better than Nintendo?


- A Mario tubes water slide


- Mario Karts


- A StarFox flying coaster


- Metroid: 4D?


And of course, character greetings with your favorite Nintendo mascots.


Seriously, this needs to be done.

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If you ask me, it shouldn't be just Nintendo... Why not a general VG park?


(thinks of a Sonic themed coaster, MegaMan LAN Transporter, and Burnout: Crash Course Stunt Spectacular)


Well I doubt all the various VG competition would stop just so they could all get along in a theme park. I was trying to make this sort of realistic. Nintendo is the only VG producer I can think of that has enough material for an entire park.


Since Sonic has moved to Nintendo's systems more or less though, I think a Sonic area might be feasible though.

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^The only Sonic game as of late that wasn't on a Nintendo console was Sonic Heroes since that was ported on PS2 and XBOX. Theres also Sonic Mega Collection Plus recently released for PS2 and XBOX as well, but just a complimation.


Though there is still that rumor of Yuji Naka and Shigeru Miyamoto working on a game featuring Sonic and Mario (Dont get that confused with that phony Smash Bros. cheat that was an April Fools joke).


-Carl "Off topic... but yeah, proving that Sonic is NOT or never been Nintendo exclusive" F.

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What about using the Mii's and visiting your friends theme park, and having other TPR members able to visit your park and ride your coasters. Heck Robb could even do a contest for the best Wii park, you'd get to choose by walking through each park, riding each coaster etc.. all from the comfort of your favorite recliner.


just an idea...

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I do think a Pokemon dark shooting ride would be awesome, And when you shot the various pokemon it will add them to your list so you could try to catch them all on the ride. Silly yes, but it would be awesome for family.

It would be even better if it was on a peter pan type ride track and could look down on them from below. I know you guys all said they shouldn't have Pokemon in there park but its one of there best selling franchises and it would be bad for business if they didn't try to reach that market with a theme park.

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