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Christmas at Tivoli Gardens in Denmark


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Hello everyone,


I am hoping yau all have gotten in the Christmas Spirit already, if not, these photos will definitly put you in the Christmas Spirit.


Well I have not really posted on the forums in a while, because I had final exams. But I decided that will redeem myself with a big photo update.


Before you continue I recomend that you revisit Robb and Elissa's fantastic photos from this Summer...




Well thats how Tivoli looks during the summer. Over three different visits during Tivoli's Christmas season, I have compiled the best photos that I have taken, of the various sections of the park.


I hope you enjoy the photos, and have a wonderful Christmas and A Happy New Year.




Note: Sorry, the pictures came in reverse order


During the Christmas season at Tivoli they three unique rides, that they do not have open during the summer. This is the first one...


This is the second ride, a two-story Merry-Go-Round. (Sorry, I did not take a picture of the thrid ride)


These Elves truamatize anyone, scarry.


Robb and Elissa, do you remember this place?


And this...


The Trojan Deer?


Says itself...


Looks good..


This tree, along with two similar trees takes five men three weeks to decorate. Wow!


Another pic. across the lake looking towards Dæmonen.


They call this the "Crystal Tree"... Note tree is FULLY covered in lights.


Wonder why they call this S&S Drop Tower the Golden Tower?


The loop of Dæmonen at night...


Another pic. of Dæmonen, it's like a spaghetti of B&M Track.


When I was on the way home from, Tivoli one night, from an English standpoint I could see the humor in this. This looks likes an ordinary elevator a first sight, at Copenhagen Cenral Station, but what is that?


A close up. Yes it is the one and only farting elevator. Don't push the button!

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That's ok about the reverse order thing with the photos. It happens.


Great TR, with the lights up on the trees! That willow looks amazing, dripping in all those lights.


Thanks for sharing and Happy Solstice!


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Our daily paper today, The Vancouver Sun had as the Big Feature in their travel section.....


...Copenhagen, at this time of year!!! Talk about timing, heh heh heh.


And of course, they did quite a full color spread on some of the decorations aroudn the city AND at Tivloi.


Wow. :shock: There are so many weeping willows there just covered in lights. I thought that one willow you showed in your first set of pix was just one of a few. I had no idea there were so many gowing there in that city.


And all those lights... My, my. For newspaper pix, they turned out amazingly well.


Looking forward to more photos from you.


And Happy Holidays everybody!

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Really enjoyed looking at your pictures of Tivoli at Xmas. They are good.


I have visited Tivoli during their Xmas time for the last 2 years and would recommend anyone to go. The gardens look fantastic with all the illuminations and there are plenty of good rides to enjoy. The staff are very friendly, all speak perfect English. and it is just such a great exprience

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