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Bad Color Schemes and/or Just Ugly Coasters

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I'm pretty sure Kings Dominion ran out of time to paint Anaconda before the season started, so they just painted that to look good from 305's plaza. I remember their Facebook saying Volcano & Anaconda were getting painted over the offseason about a week before the park opened. In order to paint the ride once the season started, they would have had to drain the lake again, painted the whole ride, and filled the lake back up.


I wish they just paint Anaconda solid black with black cars so it doesn't take away from the pretty giga behind it! I do not want a Carolina Cyclone paint job at KD! Anaconda's color scheme was fine before they got the red and yellow 305 foot monster behind it. Now the two color schemes do not look well next to each other.


Back on topic...


Shockwave and Carolina Cyclone are the worst color schemes, IMO.

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Shockwave and Carolina Cyclone are the worst color schemes, IMO.


I can't remember who it was that said it, (well I can, but I'm not callin them out here! lol) but they said it looked like Cedar Fair went to Home Depot and picked up whatever scratch and dent cans of premixed paint were on the 60% off table at the front of the store...(Re: Carolina Cobra AND Carolina Cyclone)

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Shockwave's colors do not look too bad standing alone, but, when compared to the surrounding park, can look really ugly.


Who though painting your signature coaster PINK and YELLOW was good idea!? Did Del Holland want to make his park appear more family-friendly? If so, then repaving areas of the park and actually caring for something other than rides is a much better way to do that!

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I'm not a fan of Silver Bullet's paint scheme. The trains aren't even silver, and the lift is painted entirely red for some reason (someone tell me why please, it will drive me crazy all day tomorrow).

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Most "McDonald's" coasters annoy the heck out of me. Especially Ednor, since the theme suggests dark colors to me.


Speaking of La Ronde, Super Manege is just hideously faded. It looks like diluted tomato soup or something.


X being pink was just plain silly.


I like most cool color schemes; it's the warm ones that I'm more likely to have a problem with.


While I kind of like chipped paint on white wooden coasters, and I can accept parks gradually replacing white wood with natural wood, I don't like it when parks leave sections of a white woodie unpainted just out of (apparent) neglect. It looks tacky and sad.

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Like in the station thread, no specific coasters, just general trends (with examples in parentheses).


-Coasters with three-tone schemes (except primary schemes-Red, Yellow, and Blue) (ex. Scream at SFMM and Nitro at SFGAdv)


-Coasters with only bright colors (except red and yellow) (ex. X's original paint job, Tatsu, SFNE's Pandemonium)


-Coasters whose colors don't fit the theme (ex. Silver Bullet and Nighthawk)


-Any wooden coaster that isn't all natural wood or white with colored trim (ex. Ghoster Coaster and Blue Streak)


I also don't like it when similarly colored coasters are too close to each other (ex. Green Lantern: First Flight and Riddler's Revenge at SFMM).

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I actually really like Nitro's color scheme.


I really hate the one Mr. Freeze clone that's red and blue, it was much better all blue.


I also never really cared for Bizarro (SFGAdv's) new colors. I prefered it as Medusa (and still call it that) with the neon yellow/green and purple.

I wish they would have just repainted it with those colors.


I'm also not too fond of Griffon's red and yellow trains on blue track with white supports.

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I find it strange how most of these "worst colour schemes" I actually love!


I love Silver Bullet's colours, the teal with the red and yellow, the two back carriages a different colour. Something about it just works imo! Who cares if it's not silver, that would've been such an obvious choice, and rather a bland one imo.


Nitro's scheme is so bold and brilliant, same with Scream!'s. Although I don't like the Bizzaro schemes, I never likes purple and dark blue together, it just doesn't work!



For worst colour schemes I'll probably go with...Th13teen? (all black? really? boring) Raptor..dark muddy green all over, pfft. Those kinda things just don't work for me, yes it might be part of the theme, but please be abit more daring and original.

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