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The "Official" TPR Returns To Asia Ongoing TR!

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seemyLA? See this:


*loves new emoticons*


Anyway... good update. Looking forward to the old-fashioned front-pagers.


Now that you're back, here's hoping we get more construction photos!


"Hey, Robb, you may want to get back out to Wild Rivers this summer, rumors are that they're closing it down soon..."

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Robb: Wow, Elissa! You really bumped your head when you slipped on that fry at McDonald's!


Elissa: Oh, I had the most wonderful dream! There were coasters in the snow, and you were there, and *points to the Quaker* you were there!


Mark: How much morphine did they give her, anyway?


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Well that's a pretty easy comment to give I have enjoyed every update of this trip, the captions are what I love the most, though I cannot wait for the step by step big updates! Oh, the gas attendant told me to tell you guys that you all owe the station an extra $200 for holding up the line for a few hours


BTW I LOVE THE SMILIES!!!!! I like this one, cause there's no small castle to ruin it LOL:

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I find it's easy to go to Japan, but hurts like hell returning to Seattle. Going there, you just stay up as long as you can stand, then sleep a full hours until the next morning.


Boom. Done.


On the return, you get 2 nights, or 2 days depending on when you leave, and it just hurts sooooooooooo bad.

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Strange how that is, isn't it? After flying to Europe, I can't stay awake for anything that first day, yet after a what, a 12 hour flight to Japan, I'm as excited and energized as ever!

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