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The "Official" TPR Returns To Asia Ongoing TR!

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Looks like you guys had another great day. Atomic coaster is totally bizarre and fitting for Japan. Every time I think about pushing off my Japan trip another year because the coasters just look weird and not too thrilling, you guys keep pulling me back in with talks about the people and food, etc. At this rate, I'll have no vacation days to plan US trips until like 2033!

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was it as bad as nara dreamland?


It was pretty weird, but the worst part was the OTSR's. They were VERY tight, and I pretty much freaked out on the ride since it went so SLOW at the beginning. I actually video taped myself on it, and you can hear me talking to myself and trying not to have a panic attack!


NOT fun!

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Oh, Sanrio world "Fukamyoinyoinjibukake!" or whatever it's called. Looked awesome! January would be so jealous! She loves Choco-kitty.


She got a Hello kitty waffle maker for Christmas.


Dude! Train interiors with RGB values! Am I the only one that thinks that is Hi-larious!


Guy "I am totaly having an AV geek moment." Koepp

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Day Eight: Kobe Portopialand, Central Park, Kurashiki Tivoli Park


Today was another "three parks" day, but at least time was on our side today as Tivoli was open until 9pm tonight.


Once again I'll make this TR brief as it's late again and I'll let the photos tell the story. But here's a couple quick bullet points on each park:


Kobe Portopialand (Port-a-potty land since we couldn't pronounce it!)


Fun little place! Two really good Schwarzkopf coasters. They are no Shock Wave or Lisebergbanan, but they were both still pretty awesome! We've heard rumor the park was closing soon, but the place sure had no signs of that happening.


Central Park - I really thought there would be more to this park being that it's one of the few parks in Japan with a B&M. There really wasn't much here. A couple of really bizarre credits and a Batman clone!


Kurashiki Tivoli Park - What an interesting place. First off, it looks a LOT like Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen. The park was beautiful, and we finally got to see the lights of Tivoli! The two coasters there were just "ok" and the one kiddie coaster was really BIZARRE! It's themed to a full-sized train, only goes about 10 MPH at the most, and there are cars with "Baby Seats!" YES!!!!


I have posted the POVs of the two Schwarzkopf's from Kobe in the Members Only section....enjoy!


Anyway, onto today's photos!


If you happen to be a little girl at the train station and drop your hat, this man with the GIANT stick will help you get it back! How nice! =)


"I don't need women, I don't need money, I don't even need Hogwart's wizard college....I just need Japanese Curry!!!"


Happy Pink Pachinko Machines!




Time to race the Japanese drivers!


And this would be the "psycho drop" which is similar to Mindbenders drop/fake loop/thingy.


This here would be....um...the first drop.


BMR-X or "Bavarian Mountain Railroad." A really good Schwarzkopf coaster. It's no Lisebergbanan, but it's really good!


Uh, oh....looks like they've been hitting those vending machines!!! =)


Is someone going to tell Great America that they stole their Carousel?


Ok, stop right here. I want to point out that there is BEER IN THE VENDING MACHINES. Yes, BEER and ANYONE can get it! But Japan is on the "honor system" so if you're underage you don't tough it. Can you just imagine this in the US???


Schwarzkopf and Mack in one photo. Is there anything better? Other than really good Japanese Curry?


"Panic House" hmm....we should have gone in here, but we didn't. =(


Elissa gets a gold star of the day for this nice coaster photo.


Ahh...sexy Schwarzkopf goodness. Who ever thought a German dude could look so hot?


This one was pretty good. Personally I like the Mack Bobsleds much better than the Intamin ones! (Don't let Elissa hear that, though!)


OMG! It's another "Bobsled NOT themed to a Bobsled!"


Random Pirate ship, even more random water show, and OMG, big shock...and HUGE Ferris Wheel!


"Kobe Port-O-Potty Land" Because we're too stupid to figure out how to say the name, and, quite honestly, our name is funnier! =)


"Hello, I am Mister Bullet Train, I am friends with Mister Donut, who is also friends with Mister Squid!"


"Hey Mark! That's us! Let's go!"


Because we're all fatties, each day starts out with "Mister Donut." The odd thing is last year when we ate here the donuts had "no taste" and now they do. WTF happened?!??!

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Central Park Photos....


our next "Shinkansen" was this bad-ass looking train!


Looks to be some kind of Togo Death Machine (no shock there!) and you can even see the trains.


Out in the parking lot was some random track peices, and there were a LOT of them! Are they getting a new coaster or getting rid of an old one???


"Someone PLEASE come ride me....I'm so lonely....*sob*"


This one's for you Joey! And it was a REALLY rough one too! I hope you appreciate this.


We had to take turns riding so we could get off ride photos! (See Elissa all by her lonesome?)


It's just kind of out in a field....sort of like if William's Grove got a Batman, this is what it would look like!


"Pick any seat Robb & Elissa...we have opened the park just for you!"


Same track colors as Batman too! At least the trains looked different!


Oh, yeah...and they have a Batman clone here too!


We have no idea what this ride wants to be....a mouse, a mine train, a pretzel stand?!??!


Labryinth Coaster. Bummed that Jennifer O' Connel wasn't here, but pretty glad David Bowie wasn't either!


Next up....the "Human Conveyer Belt Ride!"


"It's like at least 150 feet tall and all I have is a little seat belt...no lap bar, no staple gun, nothing!"


Like many other Japan parks, they have a "Jet Coaster" which translates to "pretty large sized coaster, but really doesn't do much of anything, yet Japanese riders are still freaked out!"


We arrive at Central Park and see a bit of snow still on the ground! (Read....IT'S FREAKING COLD HERE!!!)

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Kurashiki Tivoli Park Photos....


"I'll just stick to the shrimp!!!"

Check back tomorrow for more Japan photos! And don't forget to download the two new videos from today in the Members Only forum!


"Tenticles anyone? Tenticles?"


Back to the sushi place for dessert!


"Screw McDonalds! It's all about the Yakitori bar!!!"


Elissa also doing her best Japanese impression.


Just when you thought we'd go an update without an "Elissa eats at McDonalds again" photo! HA!!!


This place was honestly really amazing looking!


How about a little more Tivoli lights, Dave?


Hippos, Koala's, etc....but no Squirrels tonight. Elissa was bummed. =( Oh, well, we got two credits at least!!!


We saw sheep cars.....


The ride that actually brought our attention to the park was the "Animal Farm" ride where you can ride on a giant squirrel (guess which one of us wanted to ride that?)


And now for a "Coaster first"....two of the cars have baby seats....YES! You are seeing that correctly! BABY SEATS!!!!!!


"Here we are in our totally enclosed, train themed kiddie coaster car!"


But it's DEFINIATLY a coaster!


It only has a top speed of 14 KPH


The park calls it a "family coaster"


Ok, the 2nd credit was a real "WTF WAS THAT" coaster. It's themed to a real "train".....


More lights, more trees, more atmosphere, this place was pretty kick ass!


"Yes, I am freezing....but this is a hell of a lot better than having to be in California!!!"


Another one of these "Jet Coaster" type things. This one with two lift hills and even some airtime!


Oh, yeah, there was a credit here too!


Everywhere you look, there are lights and European architecture.


See Dave, we did get to see Tivoli's lights!


You really could draw a lot of similarities to the Tivoli Park in Copenhagen.


The park itself was AMAZING looking!


This park was almost more of a "Culture Credit" as it was more about a "Classic European Park" set in Japan.

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