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Favorite Coaster Color Scheme

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As simple as it is, I like Flight Deck's (CGA) color scheme...All black, just looking at it screams 'intense coaster.'

Knott's Silver Bullet looks good but does not fit the theme whatsoever...maybe should have named it "Yellow Bullet"?

I also liked CGA's Vortex's colors when it first opened...It was this lime green with black supports, much like Riddler's Revenge but a lighter green.


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Now that the Viper @ Darien Lake is Back in Black, that makes me happy.....


My favorite Color scheme though is CP's Wicked Twister. The Yellow, Blue and Sea Foam Green mix well with the sand and the lake and the blue sky, and make for a great visual image

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Although this is under construction I find this colour sceme (so far) to be very attractive, and its called 'Wipeout'.


I love WipeOut its a great ride! The track really fits with the trains as well.

I think Nemesis Inferno has a good Paint job as it fits the fire/Volcano theme.

Dragon's fury is a great Ride and it's paint fits in perfectly with the theming.

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I love the looks/color schemes of...


Excalibur (Funtown U.S.A.)

Corkscrew (Canobie Lake Park)

Yankee Cannonball (Canobie Lake Park)

Polar Coaster (Story Land)

Boulder Dash (Lake Compounce)

Canyon Blaster (The Great Escape)

Jack Rabbit (Seabreeze)

Ride of Steel (Darien Lake)

Viper (Darien Lake)

Behemoth (Canada's Wonderland)

Vortex (Canada's Wonderland)

Hydra the Revenge (Dorney Park)

Alpengeist (Busch Gardens Europe)

Apollo's Chariot (Busch Gardens Europe)

Big Bad Wolf (Busch Gardens Europe)

Dueling Dragons (Islands of Adventure)

Expedition Everest (Animal Kingdom)

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My favorites are:


Raging Bull

KI Vortex


Scream (before it faded)

Phantom's Revenge (even though I hated it on X-Flight)

Talon, including the trains and wheel covers

X2 (red and black always look good together)

Any wood coaster with the patriotic color scheme


V2 at SFGAm and SFDK


I actually kinda like the color of Woodstock Express at KI. It may be bright blue but it's better than some of the colors that ride had during the Paramount years.

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