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Is the shockwave track still at SFGAm?

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Yeah it was sadly removed


There were some rumors that they were going to use the track for a 4D coaster in 2006 but it wont happen. The only reason I can think of for using Shockwaves track would be because X and Schockwave were both made by Arrow.

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There was also a rumor that they were going to rebuild it in the Southwest Territory. But that was before they built the waterpark.


Does anybody remember that they came so close to building S: UF where the Wizzer is? But public outcry saved it just weeks before. Personally, I would have prefered shockwave to stay. It would have been my first coaster to have seven loops. Oh well...

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I think that the spot where Whizzer was would make a great place for a flyer. I mean there is a pond, trees, hills it would be so cool. But then again knowing SF's, they would have completely cleared the area out.


I am actually glad that they kept Whizzer, Whizzer is one of the only good family ride that everyone can ride. Its not like Raging Cajun where older people get sick from spinning rides so they dont ride. Also if you have a Boy friend/Girl friend they can sit right in your crotch! Also it is a classic ride that many people remeber.

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I visited the park in July of 05. I have to admit that Whizzer was fun. Superman: Ultimate Flight is just as fun in the parking lot with dirt over it. What about American Eagle? It seemed family friendly, but it is kinda tall.

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