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We just spent over $70 cdn for a bunch of Italian-related stuff from a close by,  "totally Italian" grocery store, LOL!

.... Bosa Foods   https://bosafoods.com/   A really awesome place to find good Italian (and local) food products and deli, in Vancouver.

This included gnocchi, pitted olives (for a future loaf of home made bread), cheeses, egg noodles and some 'deli' to eat immediately! ⛲

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I just mailed out most of my Holiday Card List. All the out of town cards. And yes, I still do send out cards.

I enjoy the fact that when handwritten, the card becomes all the more special, to people I send them to.

And I certainly appreciate and enjoy receiving cards, too. And a good # of them in the past have been bee-yoo-tiful!

Anyway, along with a couple of gift packages mailed, stamps for International; USA; Canada = $94.82 ....... Cdn. 🎁

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