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I saw Victor Wooten, arguable the best bass player on the planet, on Dec. 2. I've seen him several times before and highly recommend him. When not touring with his own band, comprised of several of his brothers, he plays with Bela Flec and the Flec tones. Check him out.

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Going to gigs and seeing bands is the other big part of my life. In the last month, here's the gigs I've been to:


12/10 - Life Of Agony

12/12 - Himsa/3 Inches Of Blood

12/13 - The Hope Conspiracy

12/15 - Ben Folds

12/19 - The Red Chord


All of which were really really good. 8)


In January, I'll be seeing:


1/10 - The Juliana Theory, Haste The Day

1/15 - Stretch Arm Strong, With Honor

1/17 - Exhumed

1/22 - Bleeding Through

1/24 - Terror

1/28 - Good Clean Fun

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Trey Anaistasio in Columbus, OH


05/11/05 Veterans Memorial Auditorium, Columbus, OH


Set I: Drifting1, Dark And Down, Push On Til the Day, Cayman Review, What's Done, In The Light, 46 Days, Sledgehammer


Set II: Simple Twist Up Dave, Burlap Sack and Pumps, Night Speaks To A Woman, Will It Go Round In Circles, Cincinnati> Space Oddity> Black, Come As Melody


Encore: Dig A Pony, First Tube

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I saw Coheed and Cambria with Motion City Soundtrack and Rise Against on December 2nd in Cincinnati. Great show, idiotic crowd. Motion City Soundtrack really surprised me at this show. Really good performance.


My next concert will be O.A.R. on February 18th at IU Auditorium.

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The only concert that I have attended was 3 doors down about 3 years ago. However, I have see about 15 different concerts over the last 8 months and they were free.


That's pretty cool. I met 3 Doors Down this summer. They came to CP and we were having trouble getting a "large guest" fastened securely on MF, so they sat there in the train and talked to me for a couple minutes. Really cool bunch of guys.

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Last show I saw was Kamelot at Jaxx in Sprinfield, VA last month.


Going to see Trans Siberian Orchestra tonight. And will be seeing Anthrax early next month. That will be fun...




Its very cool the original Anthrax lineup is back together again. But where are the Florida dates? I hope they don't become like Iron Maiden and never schedule Florida dates anymore. They both still owe me a live concert after cancelling the '91 Florida section of the tour when Anthrax/Iron Maiden toured together.

Last concert I heard from a distance was Starship at Epcot in October. But the last concert I went to was Metallica Nov. 2004.

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Widespread Panic - Mud Island Memphis, TN - OCT

Black Crowes, Elvis Costello - Music Fest Memphis, TN - May

Trey - The Ryman Auditorium Nashville, TN Apr

Wilco - The Orpheum Theatre Memphis, TN - Feb (The best show I saw this year)


Not mentioned Flaming Lips at VooDoo Fest, due to cancellation :sadpanda:

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Last Concert I saw was the Kihncert 2005. Greg Kihn Band, George Thorogood, and the Steve Miller Band. Great concert. George Thorogood did a few songs with Steve Miller, that was an amazing set right there. Then after a few songs Joe Satriani came out and jammed. Heaven. And can you believe....$10 for all of that with parking included? Can't wait until next years Kihncert that's for sure.

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The last major acts concert I went to was Fear Factory at the House of Blues in Downtown Disney. Also playing were Soilwork, Strapping Young Lad and Darkane.


Other than that I go to local shows all the time.

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The last concert I went to was McFly in October, Their tour manager gave us front row seats and it was amazing.


My next concert is Robbie Williams in Wembley in September. Im hoping to catch some people in concert while im in the US tho!

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