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Your coaster 2005 season highlights

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First coaster: Zippin Pippin @ Libertyland (4-23-05)


Last coaster: American Eagle @ SfGam (10-8-05)



- First flying coaster (S:UF @ SfGam)

- First standing coaster (Iron Wolf @ SfGam) Ouch!

- First coaster backwards (AE @ SfGam)

- First credit whore ride (Spacely's Sprocket Rockets @ SfGam)


Next year will be alot better!


Great shot of Great America.


Favorite sign of the season!


First flyer! Tons better than I expected.

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^Why is that sign bad? The DJV at SFGAm is way better than the one at SFOG and I rode both this season. DJV is really a great ride..


Also I forgot to post my first and last coaster of the season:


First: Montu-BGT

Last: It's not over yet for me! But currently, Montu-BGT.


Colin C

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I don't remember dates too well but...

First: Roar at SFMW

Last: Matterhorn (left side) at DLR


Basically I went to SFMW for my school's 8th grade graduation trip in May and then in June I went to Disneyland. Yeah I only went to two parks, but I don't mind, since both trips were a lot of fun. Besides two is better than none.

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First:Italian Job Stunt Track at PCW


Last: S:ROS at SFDL




1. This doesn't have to do with a coaster, but it happened on the PCW trip. We watched a show in the hotel room, "100 strangest things found in the human body" and #1 was fetus in fetu. this ended up being a huge joke for the rest of the trip. Also, reading from the bible in fake british accents, and reading a magazine aloud pronouncing things like "sorry" and "about" like Canadians and adding "eh?" to the end of every sentence.


2. Riding Skyrider in a downpour. (togo standup at PCW) It was so awesome and disorienting.


3. Getting my volare credit. ::dies:: most awful ride ever. Womb Raider... oops i mean Tomb Raider... was my 40th coaster. ::gags:: I couldn't believe that the cars don't stop in the station so you could get in... i did't think i was gonna make it lol


4. Riding S:ROS in the dark in the front row with my hands up the entire time. The train before us made a weird chugging sound as it left the station, then got stuck on the lift for a couple minutes. Naturally, we were terrified for our ride lol. Our train made the same noise, then it felt like the track on the first helix was shuddering and we barely made it over the 2nd hill... lol. Very adrenaline-filled. "Well, at least if we valley, we still have our trusty seat belts to protect us!"

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First Coaster: Georgia Cyclone opening day

Last coaster: TBR. most likely will be one of the Wild Adventures coasters on ride home from Tampa.


#1 highlight of the year would have to be all the hype for goliath before we knew it was goliath. All the markings started popping up and a kind of scavenger hunt started to find all the markings. Its been rumored and we wanted our own for years and finally in 2006 we will get our hyper coaster.


#2 I rode my 4th intamin coaster which kind of sucks since im such a big intamin fan. The fourth was Storm Runner, joining Volcano, SROS and Superman The Escape. My #1 goal in 2006 is to double or Triple my intamin count.


#3 Going to BGT for the first time. I love that place its not as good as BGW but i still like it a whole lot. Many visits to Tampa are to come.

hmmmmm the years not over i can still get down there for one last trip before my passport expires.


^Why is that sign bad? The DJV at SFGAm is way better than the one at SFOG and I rode both this season. DJV is really a great ride..


Im not going to get in a Vu war butim pretty sure all the Vu's and Stuntfall are the exact same.


Silent "TBR stands for To Be Ridden" Lynch

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I had a fantastic park year and I owe it all to Julie!


First coaster: Big Dipper @ Geauga Lake July 9

Last Coaster: Gwazi Tiger @ BGW December 7



Definitely Cedar Point with Julie July 10 & 11

also Six Flags over GA with Julie October 9

can't forget Epcot with Julie

Magic Kingdom with Julie

Animal Kingdom with Julie

Disney-MGM Studios with Julie

Busch Gardens with Julie


sensing a pattern?


Thanks Julie!

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First coaster: GhostRider, Knott's Berry Farm, Friday, March 9

Last coaster: Steel Venom, Valleyfair, Friday, August 19




-My first major coaster enthusiast event, Solace/West Coast Bash weekend in California. Jerry Dorf, my partner in coaster crime, convinced me to go, and boy did I have a blast! Tripled my coaster count (8 to 24), first visit to California outside of the airports in LA and Frisco, and met lots of people!.


-Going to Wisconsin Dells twice for coaster-related functions, and bagging all the credits in the Dells that I could fit into. Hades and Avalanche rock!


-Meeting Robb and Elissa in Wisky Dells.


-Lunch at Valleyfair Coaster Craze.


-Realizing Valleyfair on a Friday morning or holiday Saturday at the open is as close to ERT as you can get.


-The entire Minnesota State Fair experience.


Paul "Is looking forward to 2006" Miller

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First Coaster: Silver Bullet @ Knotts, January 2nd

Last Coaster: Batwing @ Six Flags America, August 11th



Going to Magic Springs with my closest friends

Shooting my first theme park video (Knotts Khristmas)

Riding my first hyper coaster (Xcelerator)

Riding my first flying coaster (Batwing)

My first visit to DCA and a six flags park.


Overall, I've had the most active coaster season I have ever had. Five parks may be small to some of you guys, but I've had an awesome season!!

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First Coaster: Revenge of the Mummy (USH) New Year's Day!

Last Coaster: ???


First New to me Coaster: Air

Last New to me coaster: Screaming Mummy



- Solace (4 parks in a day!)

- Alton Towers and Blackpool (my first international parks) in June

- S&S

- Lagoon (a nice park you don't hear much about)

- 4 parks on a day in September (Scandia, Pharoah's, Castle, Knott's)

- A visit to DLR in late Nov. No lines!!

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First new coaster was Ghostrider at Solace.

Last New Coaster was Batman: The Escape at SFAW late October


Highlight of the year was touring Japan and getting stuck on Fujiyama and having to be evacuated from near the top of the lift hill. Missed getting this credit by about 15 feet!


Bob "I have to go back and get this credit in 2007" Hoffman


The car stuck on the lift hill. So close to getting the credit.


Me at the 60m mark of the lift hill

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First Coaster- Colossus, Thorpe Park, March 19th.


Last Coaster- Colossus, Thorpe Park, October 24th.


Number of park trips- 24


Number of rides- 540ish.


Highlights- First Hyper- The Pepsi Max Big One

First Modern Woodie- Stampida

First X-Car- G-Force

First Skycoaster

First S&S ride- Rush

First Shot Tower- Mystery Castle

First 300ft+ Ride- Hurukan Condor.


My main highlight was a week in Port Aventura though, with 42 Hurukan rides, 27 Khans and 31 Stampida rides.

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Highlights for me this year:


-Trip to Liseberg in May with 7 other people from the Norwegian Coaster Club

-A fantastic trip to some of the lesser-known parks aswell as some major ones in Hungary, Austria and Italy with the European Coaster Club.

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First coaster: Viper @ SFMM 1-1-05

Last coaster:TBR. Its probably going to be something at SFMM. Currently my last coaster would be Big Thunder Mtn @ DLR 12-20-05.


1. Going to SFMW. 1 new park and 6 new credits! Rode my 1st Impulse, 1st Huss Frissbe, and 1st SLC.

2.Opening my own coaster website.

3.Meeting Robb and Elissa.

I loved 2005 hopefully 2006 will be better!

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First Coaster- Cyclone at SFoG

Last Coaster- TBD (I will be visiting BGT, Cypress Gardens and IOA/USF over the next 5 days)


I rode Hydra for my 100th coaster

I rode my first Intamin Hyper coaster SROS at SFA

I rode Phoenix for the first time

I rode the tallest and fastest coaster in the world Kingda Ka

I rode a B&M hyper coaster the first time (Nitro and Apollos Chariot)

I rode a Vekoma flyer for the first time (Borg and Batwing)

I rode almost 100 new coasters

I will be riding ROTM at USF for the first time

I will be riding a B&M dive machine for the first time


Next year should be just as good if not better since I will be going on the TPR UK Trip. I will be traveling international for the first time in my life and I will be riding almost 100 new coasters in one trip! Also I will be meeting other coaster nuts on the trip but I don't if I want to be stuck on a bus with 50 other people that are probably crazier than me!

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Hmm let's see .....


First Coaster: Shockwave (SFOT) 1-1-05

Last Coaster: PowderKeg (SDC) 12-3-05 (For now)



- Dollywood, twice!

- Lake Winnie

- Getting back to SFOG, twice no less

- Adding roughly 60 new coasters

- TPR September Party

- Reopening of Space Mountain at DLR

- DLR, 3 times

- Being evaced on Raven and hitting HW, IB and KW all in the same weekend

- Hitting SDC 9 times in one year

- Finally getting WOF out of the way

- Astroworld's final day ... sad but still nice


- Oh yeah .. and meeting that crack pusher, CoasterFanatic (AKA: Ted)

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First Coaster: Goliath @ Magic Mountain

Last Coaster: Giant Dipper @ Belmont Park



- Every year we go to SFMM for Gyendolynne’s birthday in April.

- Our big trip (Coaster Palooza) of the year was to Detroit. We went to a Tiger’s game, Michigan’s Adventure, Cedar Point, an Indian’s game, and Geauga Lake, along with a couple of Hard Rock Cafes.

- TPR’s first meet at SFMM – Beach, B&M’s, and BBQ.

- SFMM and Knott’s Berry Farm in October for the Halloween fun!

- Sea World San Diego, Belmont Park in December

- Las Vegas in December

- Meeting Robb and Elissa along with many people from TPR along the way!

- The usual local parks – PGA, SFMW, and SCBB

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I had my second fantastic themepark season.

This year my first coaster was BoostrBike in Toverland (Netherlands) and my last was Colorado Adventure in Phantasialand (Germany).


This season i discovered new parks and new coasters.

In april I did Rita at Alton Towers as first new coaster, that was wonderfull and my first Intamin launched coaster.

Also i've been to Italy to discover Gardaland, Mirabilandia and Movie Studio's in august 2005 what was verry nice.


Now let's started whit 2006!

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1st Coaster of the Year: Cyclone on Palm Sunday (March 20th)

Last coaster of 2005: Montu on October 14th


Highlights: sending a check in for the TPR UK Trip

finally getting in Kingda Ka in August

Memorial Day weekend: Midwest trip (Dells,VF, Camp Snoopy, MiA, SFGAm)

Labor Day: Pennsylvania smaller independent park trip

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First Coaster of the Year - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Also, MY FIRST COASTER EVER) at Walt Disney World in late June.


Final Coaster of the Year - Big Bad Wolf at night just before BGW closes after riding Apollo's Chariot and Alpengeist at night front seat.


Highlights -

First coaster ever

My Trip to Hersheypark

My Trip to Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Being able to have a top 10 after just four months (End of June to End of Oct) of coaster riding

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