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Ghetto park, here I come!

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I'm pretty much leaving for Arizona tomorrow at like 3 am. We are going down there to visit family and go to Castles n' Coasters! Its still not 100% sure if we are going. But if so it would be the first time Ive been to this park in 2 years, and with my camera and video camera.


I grew up at this park for 11 years, its nice to be returning and see how bad they have really gotten!


If you don't know the park, here is when R&E visited: http://www.themeparkreview.com/castles/castles1.htm

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Well from where Im staying we are only like 5 miles from Santa's Village! I heard that they have a wild mouse, and I was going to be a credit whore and go take millions of pictures, but with my expences and people to take me, its not going to happen.


So it looks like its Castles N' Coasters on Wednesday. Dose anyone know if Patriot is still operating?

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Desert Storm, if I remember right, is one of the most intense coasters that I have ridden. The way the loops are designed with the lower entrance and higher exit, it makes G's very intense. With the second loop (I call it a loopscrew) the lateral and vertical G's combine to make a strange sinsation.


I remember my very first ride on it, it was my first looping coaster, and all I really remember is that threw the loops, I only saw my feet!


Its a ride that someone will always remember.

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Its really cool, we were driving over to our cousin's the other night.


While on the highway on an over pass, you could see Santa's Village from a ways away. Mostly because its at the very end of light known to Tempe/Chandler. You can cleary make out a Ferris Wheel and something like a shot tower.

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Desert Storm would be absolutely horrible if it had OTSR's. But it only has lap bars, so I don't have anything to complain about (unlike the Dragon at Adventureland in Iowa!). I really enjoyed Desert Storm and Patriot.


I'm surprised these Hopkins coasters have held up as long as they have. They look to be built very poorly. Anyway, I hear Adventureland's Dragon only has a season or two left until they take it down.

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Dose anyone know anything about where Ledgend City was? I know they had a woodie.


I just saw the Santa's Village commercial on TV, and it looks like they have a Maurer Söhne Xtended SC 2000, or something like it where 2 riders sit back to back. Dose anyone have pictures? Maybe Ill go check it out if I have time on Thursday.

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