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Schwarzkopf vs. Arrow Shuutle Loops

Schwarzkopf Or Arrow Shuttle Loops  

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  1. 1. Schwarzkopf Or Arrow Shuttle Loops

    • Schwarzkopf
    • Arrow

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I started the Shuttle Loop vs. Boomerang topic and most people picked Shuttle Loops. The ones people liked to seem best was the Schwarzkopf and Arrow Shuttle Loops so I started this topic. I like Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loops because they are the only ones I have been on.


Shuttle Loop vs. Boomerang Topic-



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Arrow, all the way.


Even though when you finally find one (which its pretty hard now adays) they are something definitly worth riding. I know the one at Elitch Gardens is just like airtime master (IMO, more then Xcelerator).


For me the deciding factor would be the ride qualities:


Airtime: Arrow

Launch: Schw

Forces: Arrow

Suspence: Arrow

Thrill: Arrow

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I've never found anything redeeming about the Arrow shuttle loops. It's got a pop of airtime. Big deal. So does Space Mountain! The trains suck, the OTSR's suck, the stupid having to wait for the return launch is stupid, overall, it's probably one of the worst designed, stupidest rides ever, IMO. I've been on like 5 or 6 of these and the only one I've been on that wasn't horribly rough was the Blackpool one.


So, in case you couldn't figure it out, my vote went for Schwarzkopf!



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For me it has to be Schwarzkopf all the way. I've only ridden one Arrow shuttle loop, the Revolution at Blackpool Pleasure Beach and, while I like it quite a lot, it just cannot compare with the two Schwarzkopf shuttle loops I have been on. The launch is faster and so much better, there is no waiting at the other end, the fast run through the station backwards is fun and they do not require four flights of stairs to get to the platform.

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The only one I have been on is the Arrow one at Blackpool, and it was good it had a lot of air time on the first drop and the loop on the way back felt really intense, Its one of the few inversions where I have truly felt completely weightless also it was not rough at all which was a surprise, I haven’t been on a Schwarzkopf one yet so i cant really compare but I like the Arrow one.

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I will go with the Schwarzkopf Shuttle Loops.

I have done 2 Schwarzkopf coasters (Greased Lightnin' @ CGA, Montezooma's Revenge @ KBF) and only 1 Arrow and thats the one in Blackpool (Revolution).

The only thing I like from the Arrow shuttle loop is the little bit of airtime you have while going down.

The Schwarzkopf shuttle loop has the more forcefull launch, the speed, better trains/restraints etc

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I voted for Arrow. I've been on one of each, Greased Lightning at Kentucky Kingdom and Afterburner at Fun Spot. While the Schwarzkopf is definitely a fun ride, I love the Arrow for the forces and (maybe only in the case of Fun Spot's Afterburner) insane ride cycle. The launches are great on both rides, but while the Schwarzkopf only has one, the Arrow has two. Sure, the Arrow has OTSRs, but I feel like if I didn't have them, it wouldn't have belonged at Fun Spot (OTSRs on the Zyklon, really?).


Call me crazy, because I love the other Schwarzkopfs, but I think Arrow did a great job with their launch loop coasters.

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