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Photo TR: DLR 12-18


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Hey everybody-

I was at DLR with my sister and two of her friends yesterday. It was semi-crowded even though we spent most of our time in DCA. Oh well, onto the pics.

---Brent 8)


We end the night with snow!


Look, over there, it's the Pumpkin King!


I love this ride


Freakin big ornament


Kenai: Why are you on my head?



Oooo, pretty colors


Wow, for four people we sure do eat a lot


The new sport of Ferris Wheel Surfing


Relax, the wheel stopped


Swinging action!


It's now time for the section "Fun on the Sun Wheel"


Here's the little tree in DCA that is probably taller than the castle


Mmmm, sourdough


ToT looms over Hollywood Pictures Backlot




Holy crap, watch out!


It seems peaceful enough


"Rawr, I'm big bear, now GIMMIE SOME CANDY!"


Here's the new sign outside of Disney Animation


Hehe, I love Tower of Terror


The sign in front of Monsters Inc. is finished


Let's get to know each other: Kalin, Leanne, and Chelsea.

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Great pictures Brent! I still flatly refuse to believe you're only 11 when you write so intelligently and type and spell better than most of the adults here!


Bet you enjoyed spending a day with the girls huh?


What was the foam in your hair from in that last picture? If it's supposed to look like fake snow it's a pretty poor imitation on Disney's part! :?

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^It was soap bubbles. Kinda cheap considering Disney quality. As in famous quote of the lady next to me during the fireworks, "This snow is so fake, but for Southern Californians, it's real. I mean, we haven't seen anything else!"

---Brent 8)


Wow that is pretty cheap....

But I guess if you haven't lived anywhere outside of California and you don't go to the mountains, then it's about as much snow as you're going to see.

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The snow is just foamy soap, and really is quite a dissapointement--however, since when has anything in Disneyland been real? They're trying to create the illusion of falling snow, and this material pulls off the effect acceptibly. Nowmachines dont quite pull off that effect.


But I was dissapointed--I was expecting real snow!



Anyway, great TR! I like how you just broke all these age-stereotypes! Go you!



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Hey Brent, when Chelsea was on the Sun Wheel the picture you took of her totally made her look like the terminator, except she needs a metal line down her face. Oooh she shouldn't be walking around looking like the terminator at a Disney theme park they might take her away to Universal.

But I thought you were grounded when you went :? Hey why didn't you invite me Oh i get it you don't want it to end up having me chicken out around the girls like at ASB

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Man, Leanne and I really want to experience the Nightmare Haunted Mansion someday (we saw Nightmare Before Christmas on our first date). Since it seems that it will never come to Orlando, I will have to go to California or Japana to experience it. They have the same snow/soap machines at Disney/MGM in Orlando as well during the Osborne Light Fest...which was pretty cool.

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