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game: would you rather

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Probably a record breaking Intamin, although I think re-rides may be more fun on a Floorless (unless Intamin came out with a record breaking coaster that was more than a top-hat)



B&M Invert or Floorless?

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Inverted just because.

Would you rather ride El Condor @ Walibi or Dragon @ Ocean Park!

Kevin"Its painful either ways! "Bujold

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^What kinda question is that??? Of course I would have some cake!!...........and TPR!!!!!!!


Since I chose to have some cake that means tpr wont be down for 10 days!!



A years worth of PhishyBrewer 2.0 or a months worth of TPR?

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MANHURTTIN EXPRESS!!!!!! I will do anything not to lose my TPR again!!!! Besides I am probably the few that actually enjoy it!!! (I can handle rough rides )



Ok same question



lose tpr for 10 days or ride manhurttin Express?

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