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game: would you rather

major woodie

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Pandemonium. I never rode Disaster Transport though the reviews make the ride seem horrible.


If you were to go to a theme park with many coasters, would you rather just have 1 credit on the coaster that will be taken out the next year or ride all the other coasters that all will be around for 20 more years?

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Tough choice, but I would say scrap Mind Eraser for a B&M. There are enough SLCs, that part of the northeast lacks a good B&M, and there's a world class wooden coaster about two hours away so a GCI is not in desperate order. Though I could live with either one.


Would you rather gain the ability to fly at running speeds, or run at the speed of a fighter jet? (simple version: would you rather gain the ability to fly slow or run fast?)

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Good question, but I'd pick the flying. I've always thought it'd be cool to fly and I think it would be more convenient. Running at the speed of a fighter jet would certainly get me to work or school fast, but I'd still have to take the roads and watch out for people/cars/animals/hazards at breakneck speeds. I'm pretty sure that the first day of my ability, I'd run smack into a confused deer and die in a bloody heap. Yep, I'd rather fly.


Would you rather be extremely ugly but have a gorgeous spouse, or have an ugly spouse but you're gorgeous?

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I'd have to go with anime. I don't know why, maybe it's because I can make stuff blow up by screaming and puffing my hair out? IDK, no disrespect to CGI, though.


You're on a roller coaster approaching the ORP. Would you rather pose nicely (smile and maybe a thumb up) or obnoxiously? (With every intent on buying the picture)

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