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What is your favorite type of donkey?

Dr Freeze

Favorite type of donkey  

31 members have voted

  1. 1. Favorite type of donkey

    • Abyssinian
    • Mammoth Jack Stock
    • Poitou
    • Mary Donkey
    • Miniature Jennets
    • English Standard
    • Large Standard
    • Shrek Donkey

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ok, enough with coasters, this forum is about donkeys too


so which is your favorite?






Mammoth Jack Stock






Mary Donkey



Miniature Jennets



English Standard



Large Standard



photos courtesy of Oklahoma State University and lovelongears.com

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I don't consider myself a fancy man, so with all those crazy names, I went with good large standard, sounded big, and , uh..., standard, but I guess that means it could carry alot of my crap when I needed it to, and thats why God created Donkeys


Thank You

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There was one at Blackpool called Pepsi. (well, one of many that wore that name). This particular one used to snuggle its head into me when I stood near it. Alas I dont know which type it is.


And have no fear. the Blackpool donkeys have employment rights. They are treated well, and even get on hour off for lunch. The only bad thing is when they put hideously fat, half drunk 40 year olds on them. Happily the donkeys are smart enough to bolt just enough to drop them. lol.

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They are such tough, stubborn little guys aren't they?


I can't remember what I voted for, since this poll came out.


But it looks like familiarity breeds..... more votes for SHREK's Donkey, heh heh.


Also, whether you believe it or not of the Christmas Stories and "how things came to be..." The donkey has a rightful place in the legend and lore of the Season.


Happy Solstice all!

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