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Whats the moat random thing you have ever purchased


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I bought this for my uncle as a joke. (He still has it haning on his wall.

When I was in Santa Barbara about 6 years ago or so I was at the Peir and saw a little naked baby boy sqeezy toy thing. Anyway, you sqeeze the little toy and it fills up with water. Then sqeeze it out and it pees.

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When I was in Italy on a class trip, I bought a neckless with a Marijuana leaf on it. Just so you know, I don't do drugs and I'll never do drugs. I guess I bought that to be rebelious or something. I actually wore the thing for several weeks until my Mom caught me wearing that.

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I can't believe I didn't catch this one earlier....


If you can't even spell the topic title correctly, and can't be bothered to capitalize the first letter of a sentance....don't post here.


Topic titles with obvious misspelled words will be instantly closed or deleted, especially considering the original poster has the ability to edit their mistakes!


--Robb "I don't mean to sound harsh, but I just want boards that people can read." Alvey

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LOL! The title's still misspelled!


And, no, I've never purchased a moat, though one would be nice to keep solicitors at bay. I just hope I remember to feed the 'gators!


Eric "Spelling and Grammar Nazi" L.

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My next door neighbor bought goat testicles. She said she did it on a whim, but we think she must be into voodoo or something...

That and her chickens keep vanishing. yes, chickens in Cleveland ,Ohio...


I remember the random moat. It was Monty Python skit...

heavy brit accent: you never know where the random moat will strike...

In front of your house, your car, your soon-dead elderly parents house....

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One time, I bought a "haunted tape" off of Ebay for $1.00 The seler stated that the tape has haunted his family for years and what not. Well, I got it, and it was blank. There was nothing on the tape...


I diddn't really believe it was haunted...I was just was curious...and hey, it was only a buck.

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