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This thread is an overlook of all the accidents that happened over this year. What are some that you remember?


The few that are on the top of my head are......


-Castles and Coasters drop ride accident

-Kid got killed on mission space

-A Chairswing toppled over at a zoo

-A carnie got killed while setting up a Bumper Car ride



So what are some that you remember from the year 2005?


A good reference of accidents can be found on www.rideaccidents.com

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It's good that it's been a slow year. I have heard about so many people freaking out on how theme park rides are so unsafe and that you can die on them. As long as rides are well kept and inspected often, and if you follow the rules, you will almost be 100% okay on a ride. Another thing, how in the world can a chairswing ride topple over! That's freaky! :shock:

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2 people died in 2 consecutive days at Adventureland Park in Long Island. One slipped onto the track of the Ladybug Coaster and was run over. Then another person was killed a day later when the Top Scan ejected her from her seat and she landed in the parking lot...wow so much for a small park in 2 days :shock:

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Kid fell out of a Zipper at the CNE.

Rear-ender at California Screamin'-I think that was 2004, but the ride didn't reopen til 2005.


(Tuesday, August 2, 2005) - At the Mississippi Valley Fair in Davenport, Iowa, a 31-year-old mentally disabled man panicked when his seat came to a stop at the top of a 50-foot Ferris wheel. He slid underneath his seat's lap bar in an apparent attempt to either jump from the ride or climb down to the ground. The man's caregiver, who was seated next to him, grabbed his arm and tried to pull him back into the seat, but lost her grip. The man then fell about 15 feet to the ride's hub. One carnival worker, who had climbed to the top of the ride in a rush to rescue the man, was able to slow the man's fall by reaching out and grabbing him. Another worker, who also rushed to climb the wheel, was able to grab the man near the wheel's hub and hold onto him. Workers then manually moved the ride until workers could safely bring the man to the ground. The man suffered only minor injuries.


The workers are employed by Evans United Carnival Shows.


Wow, I like those carnies

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Don't forget the kid at Playland (Rye) who somehow managed to get underneath his boat on the Old Mill.


How in the crap he did that I have no idea.


It's been a much better year than last year. Remember May 2004?! OMG, I thought the casualties would never end!



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The Adventureland LI, NY tragedies really hit home for me. As previosly stated, an operator was crushed and killed by the LadyBug (Tivoli) coaster, it is unknown why he was on the tracks with the train running empty. Then, the next day, Top Scan ejected a mentally disabled woman from the ride into the adjacent parking lot onto a car. Considering that was my favorite flat ride, that was a killer (bad pun).

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The first two pictures are of that spanish Preston/Barbieri Waveswinger that tipped over (and was caught on tape -- you all saw)


Third picture was taken on the Cajun Cliffhanger at SFGAm. The floor raised up and ate half of someone's foot.


Lastly, here is a link to a story about SFGAm, yet again. A worker was killed on the Crazy Mouse a week or less prior to opening:





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I would also like to see the video of the waveswinger tipping over.


Being an avid railfanner, I have seen a person's leg being chopped off by a train. I have taken a picture of it, but I later discarded it, thinking it would be respectful for the person. I guess it is human nature to take a pictures of people being injured(Jackass on MTV, anyone?). If you would like the gory details of the person I saw get run over by a train, PM me.

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I fell down and ripped a giant-assed hole in my leg at Bobbejaanland. And I have POV of it. Add that to your stat sheets...


Dave "injury prone" Thomas


I wish someone had video of your 'gas station' fall!

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It's been awhile since I've seen the Wave Swinger video. I don't have the URL. I'm sure someone has it on TPR. From what I heard, nobody died from that accident (even though the one person appears to get smashed).


I also have video of this freefall accident in Asia. Unfortunately, a few people died from that nasty fall. The ride looked like a HUSS Shot 'N' Drop, but it was really designed by a college professor, then built in-house, and sold to a fairground. Come to think of it, I think the links for the Wave Swinger and freefall accidents were posted to TPR awhile back (?)

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We have a student from Germany that is going to our school. He has been here for about 5 months. He said that on the news there was a story about a girl who fell off a space shot.


There were some people who knew the operator and they were getting a free ride. The restraints werent closed and they we talking. Then someone in the crowd was talking to the Op and he forgot about no closing the restraints. So he hit the launch button and the girl flew out of the ride and was dropped to the ground.


I think that happened this year

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