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Roller Coaster Triva

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Thinking about the coaster jumping the tracks got me thinking about another roller coaster feature -- the inversion.


See if you can answer these:


1. What was the name of the first looping coaster?

2. What was the problem with it's design?

3. What was the name of the second looping coaster?

4. What was the difference in the loop's design from the first?

5. How did they demonstrate the safety of the loop?

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1. Flip Flap Railway

2. Had too many G-Forces due to it being circular and people got Whiplash and other neck injuries. They tried to modify the seats but it didn't help.

3. Loop-the-Loop

4. It was eliptical shaped so the forces weren't as intense

5. Not sure but, they might have held people upside down for an extended period of time?

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^ That's pretty much what they did with Loop-the-Loop. They used a glass of water and showed it did not spill through the loop.



Anyone remember this... I was watching some kids show about 10 years ago where they all took glasses of liquid on Colossus or The Beast or some other woodie and whoever didn't spill that much was the winner...


...sorry, that just reminded me of stuff.




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That was from Wild & Crazy Kids on Nickelodeon. It was the first episode I saw of the show (I also remember one of the other events from that episode was kids jumping off a diving board trying to catch a football thrown by a NFL quarterback). The coaster was Colossus. It was funny because the hosts were acting like they were scared to ride it and then at the end of the show, I think it was Donnie Jeffcoat who they tricked into getting into the car and dispatched the train before he realized it.

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