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How is Disneyland?

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As for being better, well each of the Disney parks has their pros and cons! I just suggest that you go and find out for yourself and make your own judgement on it! Well one thing is definetly not gona change, Disney is Disney no matter which park you go to!


But from my experience at Disneyland I have always loved the atmosphere there and the people their are friendly! They better be friendly its a Disney park!! For me I absolutly adore Disneyland and would pick to go there over any other Amusement park! Well except for the other Disney Parks. Because its DISNEY!!!

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I love Disneyland! Of course I haven't been to any other Disney parks so I don't know how it compares to Magic Kingdom. But I know people who have been to both and some like Disneyland better, some like Magic Kingdom better. I think it's one of those things that you just have to go and see for yourself.

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Disneyland is a Great Theme Park! If you have never visited this amazing land, then you must visit it if your in LA.


I like Disneyland over Disneyworld, both parks have good points, but I think Disneyland wins out overall.


Rides like the Pirates of the Caribbean are just better at Disneyland.


Let's face it, this is the Theme Park that started it all! You'll have a great time!

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And if not for just the attractions themself... it's always the atmosphere and environmental realism that Disney puts into each of it's themed lands. There are always little 'touches' here and there in the park, you'll suddenly notice and just smile, thinking you've discovered a secret nobody else knows about the park. Disney is so good at doing 'that.'


They are great at makeing the intimacy real, in all the genres of the lands, incl.Toontown and my all-time fave, New Orleans Square, "the smallest of them all" (lands) and the most rich in design and atmosphere, including two steller original attractions there.


They have the most marvelous way of covering plain old buildings up, too!


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I like to think of Disneyland as being WDW-lite. Disneyland is smaller than the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World, but it manages to have most of the good rides from all of WDW all rolled into it. It also has its own charms, such as the whole New Orleans area, what I think is a better Toontown, and some things that the Magic Kingdom got rid of several years ago. As far as food goes, I think Disneyland has a more unique, wide variety of a selection. When I think of Magic Kingdom, all that comes to mind is hamburgers and McDonald's fries, but at Disneyland, they have steak on a stick, gumbo in bread bowls, sweet pastries, etc.


Disneyland may not be as incredible as Walt Disney World, but its still lightyears better than Six Flags, Paramount, or Cedar Fair parks as far as atmosphere, charm, and satisfaction. Just don't visit in the off season when 5-7 of the E-tickets are down for rehab!

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