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What game Should i buy on monday


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Well i have just come into £200.00!

Buy selling sweets at school

And the Holidays started today so me and some Friends are gona go out.

To the shops On Monday

The Last game i played Was GUN it was a very good game i highly recomend buying it.

So here is a list of which game to play next Please PC Games.

Age Of Empires 3

Call Of Duty 2

Star wars Battlefront

Ok One Xbox Game.

True Crime Streets Of New York


Thanks In Advance.


Oh Yeah is there any way of getting NL Fairground whith out using a credit card[Mum doesnt Have One]

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COD 2 all the way man, I play it on 360, and it absoloutly RULES, brilliant gameplay (kinda linear, but you dont pay much attention to that) and some nice scenery (if you're playing PC, hefty graphics card and processor reccomended, along with a gig of memory), if you're playing 360 - no worries.


Plug in a 5.1 kit for a really cool gaming time - I did (cheapy one, sounds a bit tinny, but still cool) and boy it rules!


Glory to the unconqourable Infinity Ward and Activision!

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^...excellent signature... anyway, that wasn't on the list, but a kick ass game none the less. I agree.


But out of the list, COD:2. That is one Hell of a quality game. Go for it, dude.


Plus, it's slightly related to Robb's game, Call of Duty: Big Red One, making it automatically awesome.

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