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Military Service


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I tried to get in, and passed all the aptitude stuff to fly jets (out of 10,000 applicants), then failed the medical being deaf in one ear pretty much ruled me out of anything in the military.


I know of several people in the US Army that are deaf in one ear prior to enlisting. Of course, there were a lot of paperwork and review boards they had to go through.


Still, passing all the aptitude tests is an accomplishment.



You'd be deaf in both ears with there rifles!


Not really. Now, working with demo--then definately YES.

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I would never go into the Army due to not being able to take orders by someone who is shouting and swearing all the time.


I'll get Court Marshall'd within the 1st day.


The UK should get "National Service" back for the 18-21 age backet, this will sort them out and the kids learn to respect people rather than hang round the streets in groups at night and cause problems.

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Miltary... let me think now.


-My mom has been in the airforce for more than 15 years.

-My dad has been in the airforce for over 20 years.

-My mom's dad was in the airforce for over 20 then switched over to the army for a long time.

-My dads dad was in the airfoce.

-My dads dad dad was in the airforce.

-My moms sister served 20+ years in the Navy


I think thats it. We all have been around the military our whole life.


--James 'Yes, I'm a military brat' Flint

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Like James I've been a pad brat my whole life as well and was even born in Hong Kong!


My papi has been in the Army over 35 years

My cousin is currently in Afghanistan serving

My uncle was in the Army for 25 years

My other cousin was in for a few years and regrets getting out

My Granddad fought in WWII and drove the Americans to the beaches in France


Yea that's pretty much my family lol! Oh and I agree that National Service should come back and British people should have more respect for their forces!

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I'm a little surprised I didn't respond to this thread in its "earlier life."


I served 4-and-a-half years in the United States Navy (Feb. 1993-Aug. 1997), and during that time I was a plankowner (original crewmember at the time of ship's commissioning) aboard USS Curtis Wilbur, one of the state-of-the-art Arleigh Burke-class guided missile destroyers.


Did two deployments, one a WESTPAC to the Persian Gulf during Operation Southern Watch (officially an operation of Desert Storm - we visited Bahrain and Dubai several times each) and several ports in Southeast Asia, including Japan, Thailand, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Loved it!


In October 1997, Curtis Wilbur shifted homeports to Yokosuka, Japan, where I lived for nine months and went on the second deployment. As fun as the first one was, this SOUTHPAC was WAY cooler, with two stops in Australia at five days each, as well as Guam, Malaysia, South Korea, and more stops in Hong Kong, Singapore, and Thailand.

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I had to serve in the army (as required by law) for 8 months when I turned 18 but only made 6 (because of my poor vision). The other choice was doing volunteer work, but a lot of my friends were doing the army so I did it as well. I was at Horb (a small town about 30 minutes away by S-Bahn from Tuebingen) so it was not too bad because I was able to go home almost every weekend.

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I don't want to get eaten by a camel spider in Iraq. That would be my reason not to join the military.


Just kidding, I actually have thought about joining the Marines. It would mean a lot to me to serve my country. And I get to shoot stuff. A great combination.


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Pete4Winds, the Curtis Wilbur sounds awfully familiar. I too did the Nav, from 92'-96', and am a plankowner on the USS Lake Erie, an Aegis-class guided missle cruiser that was stationed out of Honolulu. Also did Dubai, Guam, Singapore, HK, and did Pusan, Jeddah, Oman, Perth, Darwin, and Egypt. Went to Mogadishu to help extract Marines and of course we hovered around the Persian Gulf in case something happened. We busted a lot of date smugglers. Yes, you heard that right- date smugglers. As in the kind you eat..... .


I did take in a theme park in Singapore (to keep things relevant to this site) called Haw-Par Villa, a theme park based on the Tiger Balm brand of ointments. A very strange log flume ride that focused on the nine levels of Chinese hell (I think) was what I remembered. I liked my visits but as they were often restricted, I didn't like them as much as I would have. My highlights include: drinking, surfing in Australia, almost getting killed in Egypt, plying the souks in Dubai for gifts, and drinking. FUN FACT: A lot of beer overseas has formaldehyde in it or at least the Heineken I always drank did.

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I am planning to go into the Air Force to be a pilot in a about a year or so and I can't wait.


-My cousin just left to go into basic training for the Air Force on Tuesday.

-My dad served in the Navy for about 10 years and worked on the USS Barney.

-My Uncle was in the Navy for 10 years and worked in a submarine.

-My Grandpa went into the Army and fought in the Korean War.

-Had some family members fight in the Civil War way back.



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