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Best Theme Park Food

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^ I'm curious about the Knott's Fried Chicken, as take away food. The price for the

dinner was a bit high for my budget. That said, I know they do take away,

so I was wondering how the prices go for just the chicken....maybe with fries?

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^ Hey, that works for me, thank$! I would still like to see what the new expansion looks like

(the outdoor patio with the view of GR?), and how all the new renovations to the restaurant look, now.


Been over twenty years, since the last visit.

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^ They sell kettle corn every year at our annual fair, The PNE (Aug).

And my David loves the stuff... "if it's done right." (He comes

from Iowa.) So, I might give it a try, at this PNE coming up.


EDIT: Missed trying it last summer's PNE. Maybe this summer...?

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Just a few of my faves, and not anywhere near all of them,

Bacon Pretzels at BGT

Fresh cut fries at Happy Friar, CP (honorable mention to Kennywood)

Pierogies and potato pancakes and cotton candy as big as marge simpsons hair at Knoebels

So many parks, so many choices. and these are just a few of the snacky foods I love,

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Going to post this here. Results (so far) of Question #15 on the "40 Random Questions" Thread...

15. What is the best food at your home park?


I've yet to have anything that I would call good food at Tusenfryd.




- Hmmmm, skillet food, or the loaded bbq potato chips!


Cinnamon bread


Waffle De Lys


Fryer Tucks French fries.


Wawa after you leave


I pretty much consider CP to be my “home park” so there

I would say the old Happy Friar fries topped with cheese


Can I switch my home park to KBF for this? Because I can't think of what food at SFMM would be considered the best. I rarely eat at SFMM anymore.

At KBF, Mrs. Knotts Chicken Dinner.


Turkey from Plymouth Rock Cafe


You know what. Strutter's (SF's answer to ChickfilA) is pretty great.


The brisket.


Funnel Cake


Down low, its the breadsticks by the Old Mill.


Boneless wings at JB's or anything from Strutter's


Tacos at Taco Tequila




Deep fried Oreos....yum!


White Spot french fries.


Bacon Chicken Ranch Wrap - Go Fresh Cafe (Orleans Place)


The hot dog stand at Tivoli.


Is that even a question? Cinnamon bread.


Crispy Chicken wraps.


Nathan's Chili Cheese Dog


Steak and Cheese sub from the Carousel Sub Shop


Johnny Rockets chicken fingers


I don't eat food at parks. I starve myself until I leave. No seriously, on my visit to Magic Mountain I arrived at 11:00 AM and didn't eat anything until I left at 8:00. And it was a big mac. And it was really good.


Hmm that's tough, because I don't really think any of it is that great...


Mrs. Knott's Fried Chicken, a must every time


- The burritos at Backlot Cafe are decent. Same with the Hot Potato fries and Pizza Pizza.


Yuck, fries maybe?? And Darien Lake even got rid of the seasoned version.


Boysenberry meatballs during the Boysenberry Festival. OMG.


The free sauce


Chickie's & Pete's


- Frozen Yogurt at 6 Below


Nothing worthy of being in the same sentence as the word "best"


[Homer voice on] Donuts [homer voice off]


Chicken Tenders.


Fat ... boiled fat


I don't eat.


Ehhhhhhhh...... no. The food they serve is utter rubbish, so nothing. I usually just eat Burger King once I leave, which is right across the road.


Majority of CP's food quality sucks but I've always liked CP's cheese fries. For a short time prior to Kinzel's departure they drastically went downhill but have improved since.


Bacon Pretzel Fury is glorious.


Spaguetti Bolognesa


Food at CP sucks


French fries???


Growing up: steamed shrimp dumplings

Now: Literally nothing


Pink's hotdogs




Mediterranean Rice at Racó de Mar


The Homemade Fudge.


Subway? Chik-fil-a?


I never eat


Nothing really stands out at SFOG, so I will default to Cinnamon Bread and Dollywood.


-Panda Express!


Chickie and Petes Crabfries!


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Some of my favorites:


*Flame Tree BBQ in Animal Kingdom. I wasn't a fan of most every other Disney offering but the barbecue there was really good.

*Cinnamon bread at Dollywood. As good as advertised.

*Poutine at the fry stands at Canada's Wonderland. It's perhaps my favorite savory amusement park snack.

*Green beans at Plymouth Rock Cafe in Holiday World. The pizza at Kringle's at the park is also very good.

*Maple bacon gelato in Busch Gardens Williamsburg. I'm not sure that flavor is always on offer but that was a really nice combination of flavors.

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Best: International Street Pizza @ KD in April

Worst: International Street Pizza @ KD in May


Inspired by a recent comment in the CP thread " If u can mess up pizza there's something wrong." Actually I think why they mess it up is they charge too much, then try to make a huge pizza to make it worth it and it doesn't cook properly. The slices I had last April were among the best 2 slices of pizza I've had in my entire life. The next time they were falling apart in my hands and I threw the rest away. It hurts me to see crappy pizza, when it's right it's sacred.

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I know this may seem surprising to many people, but my top pick is actually Seabreeze in Rochester, NY. They cut thier own fries there and they come out really greasy (which for me at least is a huge bonus) and flavorful even without any sauce. Also, they have the best wings in regards to amusement park food by far. That is saying a lot considering Darien Lake nearby has an Anchor Bar within the park. So keep that in mind : Seabreeze wings are even better than some restaurant wings.

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I don't have much US park food experience so I can't say from there, or anywhere else since I don't like to gamble abroad and usually stick to what I know I'll like at parks but my personal favourite is Linnanmäki's Street food grille, their fried chicken, ribs, and specialty hot dogs.



Ribs and a prawn hot dog

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