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Best Theme Park Food

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Too much great food out there to name just one or two.


My top 5 based in order of when I first did them are as follows:


1) The hand made Cannelloni at the Ristorante della Plaza in BGW


2) Most anything at Mythos in IOA, especially the Mediterranean flat bread & chicken wrap, Blackened fish tacos, and something called Crispy Spanakopita...all yum.


3) The Smoked beef brisket, ribs, and BBQ chicken at the Zambia Smokehouse in BGA


4) Again, anything at Dollywood, especially the Fried Chicken & Cinnamon Bread


5) The Bison Burger and Pizza at Knoebels...there's more good options there, I just haven't got to them yet.

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I'm going to put in a plug for the tacos at Indiana Beach. They are surprisingly good, especially for Indiana. I think the secret is frying up the tortillas fresh, rather than using prepared shells.


But Epcot has the park-food orgy to top them all: the Food & Wine Festival!

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In other park-food news, the pretzel-wrapped bacon is, indeed, available...


Really? This is something deliciously new, to me.


It's pretty good. You can get it in the pretzel bakery, and it's nice to munch on while you watch them fix Mach Tour.

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^It helps that Santa Cruz isn't too far from Watsonville and Castroville--that's artichoke country.

Yes, it does. The Artichoke Capital of the World to be exact in Castroville, which I drive through to get to Santa Cruz. And the Garlic Capital of the World is not too far away either.

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^ Why isn't more CA theme park food, done with artichokes?


Or is it being done? Curious, and sighing over the possibilities.


That's a great question. With all the great food found at Farmers Markets, festivals, fairs, and food trucks here, I have no idea.

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I haven't been to a Disney park in years which is why I'm leaving Epcot out of this. By all accounts they have amazing food.

I'm rarely in the mood for fine dining at a park so my list really consists of "park food". Obviously these things won't compare to high-end restaurants.


Cinnamon Bread - Dollywood

Cesari's Pizza - Knoebels

German Pretzels - Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Trapper's Smokehouse - Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Chickie and Pete's Crab Fries - Cedar Fair Parks

Anything with Butterbeer in it - Universal Orlando

Famous Dave's - Cedar Point Marina (technically not in the park)

Any generic "Cedar Point Food" is horrible... probably the worst food of any park I've been to. Fortunately they've brought in enough Franchises "TGI Friday's, Chick Fil A, Chickie and Pete's, Johnny Rocket's, Boardwalk Fries, Panda Express) that the food is decent because you can completely avoid their awful food.


I was trying to think of something I liked at a Six Flags park and the best I can come up with is JB's at Six Flags New England but it's still nothing special and isn't worthy of being on this (or any) list. I also didn't get to try any park food at Sea World Orlando or Busch Gardens Tampa as we went during Bands, Brews and BBQ and while the food was amazing it wasn't the park's food.

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Epcot (Food and Wine Festival) has the best food of any amusement park ever, although they always seem to mess up German and Japanese food. Super sweet potato pancakes and prepackaged sushi aren't really ethnically accurate, but overall the food is by far the best!

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