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Whats The Weather Like Where You Live?

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It's poring rain here in the Tulsa area.


We've had a very cool and wet Spring which is nice and much better than the extreme drought we went through a couple years ago.


Except, I have a 3 acre yard I have to mow and trim, and I can hear the damn grass growing!


Not much severe storm/tornado activity yet this year, so that's a good thing.

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Still overcast here. Not much sun for a few days, it's predicted.


My visit today, to Playland. Yep. Pretty overcast it was. But no rain fell. (o:

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^ Yay, Canada!


We got our sunshine back today and yesterday, after a really drenching Saturday. Most amount of rain,

recorded this month in several years - in one day, lol. I thought the rainfall would snap several

young growth we had going in our front and back yard. Didn't happen, but still scary.


Random YAY CANADA! photo.

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Fantastic weather today, warm but cloudy so it didn't feel super hot. Perfect! But it's not easy to convince your body that it's time to sleep when it's close to midnight and this is the current level of darkness outside...


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Today has been a great day, but yesterday was absolutely amazing. Temperature in the 26-27 degree Celcius range and clear blue skies. We are not spoiled with great weather on the Norwegian west coast, so the city was super crowded as everybody was outside to enjoy the great weather. I also managed to snap a beautiful sunset pic taken at 10:18 PM.


Whole city was outside enjoying the amazing weather


Sunset at 10:18 PM

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^ I think that you're weather is similar to ours here in Western NY. Once we finally get nice weather here, everyone is scrambling to get their yard work done as well as enjoy some relaxing time outdoors.


When you only get about 5-6 months of decent weather and the rest of the year, it's cold, raining or snowing, you have to enjoy the nice weather whenever you get it!

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After a couple of weeks of great weather we had a little rain today, which was quite pleasant. And the evening has been just wonderful with an amazing red sky at sunset.


Picture taken at 11 PM.


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May and first half of June were great, but there hasn't been much summer since. Mostly cloudy, rainy and temperatures around 15-17 degrees Celsius. Not even the presence of Disney Magic in town today could bring out the sun!


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We are close to having the most amount of rain in July for the last 20 years. Mostly grey and rainy days through the entire month. I guess it's nature restoring balance after a fantastic spring/early summer.


Edit: Rain record from 1995 broken (for the current weather station), it's now officially the wettest July in 46 years!

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