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Whats The Weather Like Where You Live?

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Finally got three days in a row without rain so I could get the lawn mowed after work. Still some areas that I couldn't hit with the riding mower as it's still too wet though. Now they are talking chance of potential severe storms tonight and into tomorrow...glad I got it done!

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^Feel free to send a few of those to Norway, we are still waiting for summer to properly arrive here on the Norwegian west coast. The weather itself has not been too bad, we've had some rain, some cloudy days, some sun... However I cannot remember a summer where the temperatures have been this low. For the last couple of weeks it has been in the 55-65 range, occasionally hitting 70. Forecast is not exactly looking brilliant either.


Last year we had the best summer in 100 years. I guess we're paying the price now...


(I must admit though, I'll take this over 100 degrees F)

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Which is a thing greatly needed, but overkill with the winds!

Trees down, houses hit, power down to a lot of residents.


Not us, thankfully. :knocks-wood:

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Fall is definitely coming on the Norwegian west coast, with temperatures dropping below 50*F at night. I don't mind the temperature dropping but I don't like the darkness coming. Right now it's perfect with it being dark by 9 PM. but give it a couple of months and it will be fully dark between 5 and 6 PM. Don't like it at all....

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