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Whats The Weather Like Where You Live?


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^It's not so much the volume, but how quickly it came. Six+ feet within 24 hours is just unheard of!


Now we are going into a warm up where we are getting freezing rain and all of that snow is going to melt in the next couple of days. The biggest problem now is roofs collapsing due to the weight of all of that heavy, wet snow.


I think that they are up to about 13 deaths now due to this storm. It is definitely one of the biggest, craziest storms I have ever seen in all 43 years that I have lived in Western NY. I'm very glad that it passed us by, but certainly feel bad for those affected - we feel pretty lucky and fortunate.

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Winter has arrived in Minnesota. We received several inches of snow on Wednesday, and it was -10 degrees on Thanksgiving morning. This horrible weather has kicked my offseason coaster withdrawal into full gear, and I still have over 5.5 months until Valleyfair opens .

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Woke up to the first snow of the winter yesterday. Didn't last long, all was gone by the end of the day. Today the weathers been cloudy with a couple of degrees above freezing, but from tomorrow it looks like we have some rather crappy weather incoming.


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82 when we left Fort Myers Beach on Friday - now back in Western NY and the temp is 25.


Talk about a shock to the system and the always asked question after we vacation: " And just why do we live here?" Answer: For me, it's a 24 year career in which it might be hard to replicate salary and (especially) the five weeks of vacation that I probably wouldn't be able to walk into if I just up and resigned, sold the house and moved to Florida.

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This is so wierd, even for us. It's not that chilly outside, and it definitely looks like an early spring morning, etc. Not the end of December. At least, for where we are. Having snow is hit or miss, over here. But the temp.still drops pretty low, most winters.


Not today, apparently. Photos attached.


The other side of our block. Note all that green?


From our front porch, looking to downtown Vancouver.


And...note the palm tree behind the fir? Yep, it's real.


Over where a pizzeria and other friends live. Fresh off of street cleaning, too!

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Worst storm in 20 years hit today. Strong windgusts, airport closed, bridges closed, trees falling, people warned to not go outside. Over 20000 are without power. I was fortunate to only be without power for about 10 minutes during the worst period before it came back on. Others may have to wait until tomorrow.


It has been calm for a couple of hours now so I decided to go for a short walk to see if any damage occured in the neighbourhood. Below you can see what I faced about 200 meters from my house. Similar scenes all through the region. There were also a couple of broken roof shingles laying just outside my front door, which was a bit scary thinking about what damage it could have done to a person.


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