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Whats The Weather Like Where You Live?

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It's a glorious rain storm, and everybody who's going to this

across-the-street Pizzeria, is running around, freeking out,

running to their cars with no umbrellas.... love it.

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Ever since I got back from the Scandi Tour, the weather here has been

hotter and more humid, every other day. For us, 24-28'C is a Big Deal.

And the humidity never existed here, until a few years ago.


Well, at least for now, we don't have to depend on A/Cs, when a fan

and some open doors will do. For now.

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It's 28 degrees and lightly snowing in my neck of the woods. Haven't gotten that much snow compared to the rest of the state, but it's cold and snowing nevertheless.


Time for me to go through another Minnesota winter.

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Got about 4" of heavy, wet snow yesterday with temps about 35.This morning, it was 9 degrees when I went to work at 6:30 so our driveway is like an ice hockey rink.


But luckily for us, we are missing a massive storm that is pounding Buffalo right now. I have heard that some areas as close as 20 miles from us got over 3 feet of snow in the last 24 hours...that is CRAZY!


Edit - I pulled some submitted photos from our local news station - WIVB. The National Guard is on it's way to help - hundreds of people stranded in cars on I-90 and other major roads...no, this is not good at all.


Holy Sh%t Snow!


Pick up trying to plow...some areas are now claiming up to five feet of snow.


And the #1 reason for investing in a snow blower here in Western NY!!!

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