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What Did You Get For Christmas?!


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I also got a new shower head, some gift cards, tires (yay not having to spend $600 locally) King of The Hill/Seinfeld/Family Guy DVDs, an Easy Bake Over (don't ask), a cool R/C helicopter that I can fly indoors and annoy my dog with, other stuff I'm forgetting.




You need to burn your Ohio State polo shirt now.


Gator Bait.

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Let's see, for "Family" gifts we got:


A Nintendo Wii with 3 games (Monkey Ball, Tony Hawk and RedSteel)

Guitar Hero II

Some movies (Pirates II, Cars, Over the Hedge)


The kids both got LOTS of clothes that they needed. Josh got some Tranformers stuff and Amanda got some "Girly stuff".


I got:


A cool new watch


Da Vinci Code on DVD

Some awesome homemade picture fram things that my wife made me


The wife got:


Bath and Body Works stuff

Gilmore Girls on DVD

A water fountain for her new office

Silicone Baking pans


Plus we all have lots of Gift cards from various people.

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Portable DVD Player

XM Satelite Radio

A bunch of DVDs

Clothes...Abercrombie mostly, but some AE stuff too.

A few books and journals

A total of $185 in gas cards (from different people...)

Tinted windows for my car.

$200 cash

Some other stuff.


Gas cards are boring, but I love them...especially since gas is especially expensive at the moment.

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I got quite a lot of stuff this year.


-Xbox 360

-Project Gotham 3

-Pro Evolution Soccer 6



-Totes Slipper Socks (Which are really warm)

-Why do Penguins Feet Not Freeze? And 114 other questions.

-Ripleys Believe It Or Not

-Jelly Belly Beans

-3!!! Cadbury Selection Boxes

-1 Mars Selection Box

-Adidas Deodorant Set

-2 Lynx Deodorant Set

-And £200


And there is other stuff that I cant remember at this moment.

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Cuboro Marble Run Set (All the way from SWEDEN!)

Extra Cuboro Marbles

Mythbusters Season 1 DVD (Vol. 1 & 2)

Animusic 1 & 2

Clothes from Kohl's and Pacsun

Theme Park Review Coaster Expedition 2, 3, & 8

Theme Park Review Hoodie, Ornament, PAPER CUTTER, Pen

Panoramic Coaster Calendar

Super Monkey Ball Banana Blitz

Elebits (Best game in the world!)

3rd Season of Spongebob

$300 (From Grandparents) - Half of which was already spent today for a Wii!



*Falls Over*



I'll probably end up buying a Virtual Laser Keyboard for my Palm T|X

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Bachmann Digital Commander DCC Starter train set

Bachmann DCC On board 4-8-4 Northern steam locomotive

Bachmann Analog 0-6-0 Switcher with smoke unit

IHC 8 piece heavyweight passenger car set

MP3 Player

Headphones for MP3 Player

Headphone jack speaker for MP3 Player

AXE Kilo Body Spray

AXE Kilo deodorant




And I have a another train set coming tomorrow (Back order),

a 2-6-2 Prairie steam locomotive coming in app. 3 weeks (back order),

and a copy of DCC Made easy coming in 3 weeks (also back order).



Yes i am also a train geek.

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From Myself:


I bought the Harddrive for my 360.

Fusion Frenzy 2

Perfect Dark Zero

Dead Rising

Motorola Pebble Cell Phone

World of Coasters Book

See No Evil Dvd

Pro 35A Headphones ($45 & worth it for the sound quality)



From the family:






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  • I got a fleece covered, gel filled seat cover that I can take with me so I can rest my scrawny body on hard seats wherever I go.
  • $250 from my brother for whatever I want.
  • A nice pair of bedroom slippers to protect my poor, diabetic feet.


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The gift of giving... we were lucky enough to give to ***Zoo, (I don't want to say the town), the *** Homeless Shelter and ***Rescue Mission.



This was the most emotional and best gift ever.






(I may be a "FINICKY" buyer, but I am a generous giver.)

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LMAO Someone wanted to make a statement!!!


just kidding


^LMAO for getting deodorant for christmas.



I think there were trying to say something. But last christmas I got 5 sets, so it must have been really bad. But then Christmas Morning this year, only 1!!! So, then I thought it must over now....until my auntie got me one when I was at her house that night, and my granny bought me one on Boxing Day.


Agh well, atleast it is 3, not 5

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Sims 2 Pets

Sims 2 Open for Buisness

Deal or no Deal Electronic Game

Jumbo Box of Malteasers

Docking Staion for my Creative Zen VisionM 30GB (Got that for my B-day)

Floating Globe


USb Cable for my Zen

Travell AC Adaptor for my Zen

Car Charger for my Zen

Battery Adaptor for my zen

Cranium Family Edition

Drum Silencers for my Drum Kit

Projector Clock

Me to You Teddy Bear

HUGE Galaxy Bar

Mobile Phone Sock

Guiness Book of World Records 2007

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$100 Down comforter

$50 - Cash

$25 - Red Robin

Express Scarf and Beanie

Simpsons Season 9

Semi-Pro Tripod (So my dad can have his back )

2 1-hour Massage Therapy Sessions (Back is destroyed)


And...Lucky Shit from my sister. Or Excremement to be PC - but thats what the Japanese call it. Here, take a look - I got the Orange one for Winning




I think thats it. Very mild Christmas. The biggest presents were my overtime checks from work (one still to come) but thats all probably going to go to fixing my car

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* Eragon

* Artemis Fowl: The Lost Colony

* Finding LOST

* Uncovering LOST (do we see a theme here?)

* Worst Case Scenario: History

* Sorry Everybody: A Nationwide Apology for Re-Electing George W. Bush

* Guide to World Dom... uh... cookbook?




* Urban Myth

* Mad Libs (card game)

* couple of dollar store board games for the car

* (if you can call it a "game"...) Rubik's Cube




* Pirates II

* Fun with Dick & Jane




(Among countless others):


* big bag o' Lindor truffles

* Terry's Chocolate Orange

* Ferrero Rochers (already consumed, I'm afraid)

* GIANT Kinder Surprise egg!!!

* 24-pack Orville Redenbacher's SmartPop! (If I eat a lot of it, I might as well make it remotely healthy. Also, I got a popcorn bowl that I've been looking for, for a long time now!)




* wrecking bar set ("Mom, why would you, in your right mind, give a kid a wrecking bar set for Christmas?" )

* Pasta Express (you have no idea how much I needed this)

* Toronto Maple Leafs watch

* Need For Speed: Carbon (w/ guidebook)

* "Singing Magnets" (annoying others, free w/ purchase!)

* $25 Subway gift card

* $20 movie passes

* Roots backpack

* 2 pairs pyjamas (and they're STILL not the right pant length!!! Comfy, though)

* official Red Ryder, carbine action, two-hundred shot range model air rifle


And, finally, the ever-classic Christmas gift:



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