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What Did You Get For Christmas?!


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For Christmas:



- My HP Laptop that over heated all the time finally died [only two years old], and I got a MacBook!

- Two sweaters that were to big so I got to exchange them.

- Zoo York hoodie

- Owl City T-shirt

- Instant snow

- Weird stuffed animal

- And stuff from brothers as well as a visit UpNorth to see my awesome family!

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Two gifts that I received that I am very thankful for:


  • A snowblower which made clearing the driveway of two feet of snow almost enjoyable.
    A tool chest so I can organise all my tools. Hopefully I can manage to keep them that way.


My favorite gift that I gave was bringing the family to see Wicked. Unfortunately it was during the blizzard that dropped two feet of snow, but it was still great!

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Let's see:



-A hoodie

-Couple of shirts


-CSI Deadly Intent for Xbox. (Amazingly addictive!)


-Most importantly, money towards next years Europe trip!!! (Best present of the lot!)


Actually the best part Christmas for me was getting my Dad tickets to go see Bad Company and my sister tickets to see 30 Seconds to Mars. I never told ANYONE I was getting them, so it was great seeing there reactions when I told them.

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I received:


$70 to the PlayStation Store

Newton's Cradle

Concept car calendar

Hess Race Car

Logitech M305 Mouse with an awesome design

$10 to Gamestop

$200 (Already spent half)


On another note, I spent $100 on:

another $70 to the PSS

Component A/V cable for PSP Go


Hope everyone had a merry Christmas and has a happy new year.

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I got a new quilt that my mum made... it is very edgy for a quilt... very modern black and white with a lot of curves.


A GPS.... finally i got sooo sick of getting lost.


A body hair remover... for manscapping.


Two new cologne.


hmmmm and a wonderful boyfriend

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Bumping this old thread...


I got a long-ish (knee-length) black double breasted wool coat, and I love it (I might post a photo in the next couple days)!


Unfortunately, I think I also got a broken toe. I need to be more careful walking down stairs.

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Let's see... Some of the most memorable gifts I got were:


- A Coaster Dynamix Top Thrill Dragster Nano-coaster!


- A stuffed teddy bear that my partner got me. I know it sounds lame, but the shirt that the Teddy bear is wearing has a custom message on it, and the message happens to be one of mine and my partners sayings to each other. So it is really close to my heart. Yes I am 28, and happy to have gotten a Teddy bear for Christmas! DON'T JUDGE ME!


- Clothes... Lot's of clothes.... Lot's of winter clothes which I am thankful for because walking across campus in the winter is miserable.


- A remote control drone!


- And so much more....


However, as odd as this sounds, this year I found more joy in giving gifts than getting gifts! (Aside from my new Teddy bear!)

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The DVD collection I/we got each other is ridiculous!


Inside/Out 3D (YES!)

Home 3D

Zoolander (yay!)

Minions 3D (o:

Super 8

Paul (woo hoo!)

Snow White & The Huntsman (eh)

Percy Jackson ~ Sea of Monsters (crickets)


Absolutely NO music CDs! We were both shocked at this. Usually, at least one of us gets a music CD. But I already bought

the new Adele one, Ratatouille and Inside/Out soundtracks... nothing much else for me to want....at this time.


And David gave me the new John Cleese memoir - "So, Anyway..." And yes, it's a paperback B-O-O-K, too.

I'm not quite ready for online/tablet reading, for now.

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