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What Did You Get For Christmas?!


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I received:


$70 to the PlayStation Store

Newton's Cradle

Concept car calendar

Hess Race Car

Logitech M305 Mouse with an awesome design

$10 to Gamestop

$200 (Already spent half)


On another note, I spent $100 on:

another $70 to the PSS

Component A/V cable for PSP Go


Hope everyone had a merry Christmas and has a happy new year.

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I got a new quilt that my mum made... it is very edgy for a quilt... very modern black and white with a lot of curves.


A GPS.... finally i got sooo sick of getting lost.


A body hair remover... for manscapping.


Two new cologne.


hmmmm and a wonderful boyfriend

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Bumping this old thread...


I got a long-ish (knee-length) black double breasted wool coat, and I love it (I might post a photo in the next couple days)!


Unfortunately, I think I also got a broken toe. I need to be more careful walking down stairs.

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Let's see... Some of the most memorable gifts I got were:


- A Coaster Dynamix Top Thrill Dragster Nano-coaster!


- A stuffed teddy bear that my partner got me. I know it sounds lame, but the shirt that the Teddy bear is wearing has a custom message on it, and the message happens to be one of mine and my partners sayings to each other. So it is really close to my heart. Yes I am 28, and happy to have gotten a Teddy bear for Christmas! DON'T JUDGE ME!


- Clothes... Lot's of clothes.... Lot's of winter clothes which I am thankful for because walking across campus in the winter is miserable.


- A remote control drone!


- And so much more....


However, as odd as this sounds, this year I found more joy in giving gifts than getting gifts! (Aside from my new Teddy bear!)

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The DVD collection I/we got each other is ridiculous!


Inside/Out 3D (YES!)

Home 3D

Zoolander (yay!)

Minions 3D (o:

Super 8

Paul (woo hoo!)

Snow White & The Huntsman (eh)

Percy Jackson ~ Sea of Monsters (crickets)


Absolutely NO music CDs! We were both shocked at this. Usually, at least one of us gets a music CD. But I already bought

the new Adele one, Ratatouille and Inside/Out soundtracks... nothing much else for me to want....at this time.


And David gave me the new John Cleese memoir - "So, Anyway..." And yes, it's a paperback B-O-O-K, too.

I'm not quite ready for online/tablet reading, for now.

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