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What Did You Get For Christmas?!


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Today at the company Christmas party, I managed to walk away with a photo printer, refills for it, a AE winter shirt, and a AE t-shirt. Not to mention about $200 in Best Buy giftcards, loads of cookies, and a Target card. All this without any worries of Yankee Christmas!

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As an early Christmas present last night, I got a ticket to see Wicked, in Chicago, on April 15th. I am really excited about seeing it.


I saw it this summer and it is AWESOME...my favorite musical...so far I got a digital camera, clothes, and a trip to New York...and these are my early presents! :o

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I got a


Dell Inspiron 6000 lap top

Fiesta Texas Season Pass

Printer for laptop

Wireless mouse

$200 dollars from GP that goes toward my personal $200 from bday money to finally get an xbox 360


Other than that it was just little things.

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an iPod nano that Im going to trade in for a video iPod

some speakers for an iPod

a carabeener case for an iPod

ATHF season 4 on DVD

TPR hoodie

money and some gift cards

some books (including the O'Riley factor)

a joystick


and a pair of shoes


I got too much stuff!


Colin"but I'm not complaining"C

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I got a Canon Elura 80 camcorder, a usb flash drive, America: The Book, some Green Day CDs, and a Nightmare Before Christmas DVD.


I'm also going to go see 'The Producers.'


Got the same camera, you will LOVE it. We got it off eBay and it came with this wicked wide angle lens too. Ive been playing wtih it for a week now.


Some khakis (I ruin them at work consistantly), handheld game, 200 bucks and some other trinkets. Probably getting a Best Buy card too here at the next house I visit.

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So far on top of what I've already posted, I've gotten:

Curtains for every room in my house!

DVDs (Batman Begins, Smallville Season 4, Star Wars 3, original Star Wars Trilogy Widescreen)

gift cards for: Home Depot, Best Buy, AE, Wawa, The Works, Target, Borders

Batman Begins money clip

Luggage for next years trips

Crush Christmas ornament

2 Coaster Calendars

Troeg's Variety pack

Side window air deflectors for my 2004 ION (not for like a 1995 Civic or a 2006 Lancer)

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- New Dell Printer (My Old One Died)

- Family Guy Volume 3

- Battlefield 2 PC

- Battlefield 2 Expansion Pack PC

- Need For Speed Most Wanted PC

- Some EA Gear, shirt and sweatshirt.

- $200 Kohls Gift Card (Work Clothes for PGA)

- Slim DVD Player

- Napoleon Dynamite on DVD

- Stone at Disneyland with our family name on it, plus a commemerative one for myself.

- 1 Gig Compact Flash Card for my Digital Camera

- Flashlight that you shake for power. Kinda cool.

- Call of Duty 2 XboX!

- Two Pairs of Jeans

- DVD Tower.

- Bunch of other random stocking stuffers, nothing really shocking.


I think the coolest gift has to be my Stone at Disneyland! It's right out front of the Disneyland Enterance.

Merry Christmas!



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Heres what I got for Chirstmas.


Cool stuff list

1. Trans Siberian Orchestra Music CDs

2. Polar Express DVD Movie

3. Funny cartoon Cats Page a day

calendar for 2006

4. Yummy Smores Snack

5. Kleenex Tissue Box Silly Skating

Chimpanzee on it


Lame stuff List

1. Socks

2. A pair of Black Pants


Stuff i sort of liked list

1. Brian Setzer Holiday CD

2. New part for my Sonicare ToothBrush

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-Yamaha Electronic drums

-Switchfoot "Nothing is Sound"

-Relient K "Epathetic EP"

-Paintball gun (Icon Z)

-Hopper (Gravity Feed)

-CO2 tank

---Brent 8)


Its Relient K "Apathetic EP" Not Epathetic, Im sure it wouldnt have the same meaning


GREAT small EP. I love it. Apathetic Way to Be is now my new fave song.

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