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What Did You Get For Christmas?!


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I got a handful of Wii games:

-New Super Mario Bros

-M&Ms Beach Party

-Mountain Sports

-Water Sports

-Namo Museum Remix


-Walmart giftcard

-Gamestop Giftcard




-Paper Mario PJ set

-A couple of nutcrackers to go with my nutcracker collection

-Chroma Key/Green Screen with screen tripods for film making/special effects

-Gremlins DVD (Watched this movie all the time as a kid)

-Mr Potato Head T-shirt

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Let's see...I celebrated Christmas with my mom and grandparents today. So far, I've got:


-A bunch of little toys (deck of cards, mini dart gun, etc.)

-2 movie DVDs (Star Trek and Harry Potter 6)

-3 movie soundtracks (Batman, Spider-Man, Jurassic Park)

-Lego Indiana Jones 2 for PC

-Mexican Train Domino Set

-All 4 Roller Coasters in the Raw DVDs

-A TPR shirt

-$40 in Itunes giftcards

-$25 Claim Jumper giftcard

-$200 to put toward the IntimidaTour

-A significant amount of candy


I will be celebrating Christmas with my dad tomorrow so I'll update this with what I get there. It will probably be mostly money and/or a digital camera.


Update: From my dad I got:


-Canon digital camera

-4 GB memory card for camera

-Miniature remote controlled truck

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An 8 gig Ipod touch

Ipod Touch Ihome(and random accesories)

2 Hoodie Jackets

A 100$ prepaid credit card

A beautiful blue and white snowboard jacket

Water Frogs(they are fun to watch)

25$ Del Taco Card

Candy, small toys etc

I'm expecting 20 dollars from my aunt(I get the same gift every year from her) but she lives in Mississippi.

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32" Vizio HDTV (it helps when you have "connections")

Magellan Roadmate 1430 GPS

Playstation 3 with

-Extra Controller

-God of War Collection


-Uncharted: Drake's Fortune

-Burnout Paradise

-Grand Theft Auto IV

-Ratchet and Clank: Tools of Destruction

Savings Money for Textbook and Tuition

2 T-shirts from Old Navy and three pairs of underwear (love you Mom...)


-Grandma's Boy

-Robin Hood: Men in Tights

-Seth Macfarlane's Cavalcade of Cartoon Comedy



My face;


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I did really well this year,


I had a flight to Scotland earlier this month to meet my nephew,

some fabulous hair products

loads of scarves, gloves, slippers, socks and a new dressing gown (my house is so cold even with the heaters on! My friends know me too well!!)

Some pearl earrings


A Kirriemuir gingerbread from my best friend in Scotland (I always buy one to bring back when I go up)

And I bought myself a nice bottle of single malt!


Hope you all enjoyed Christmas as much as I did!


E xxx

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I noticed the Avenue Q book among your gifts. A great book for an awesome show!


Saw it for the first time when it came to Melbourne a few weeks ago... as you said, an AWESOME show!


Oh, and TPR-related, I got a Christmas card from Cameron that same day, which was also Red Dawn Awesome.

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I can't believe the amount of people I'm seeing who wanted, and got, a Snuggie.


I got an Xbox 360 from my brother that came with two games, "Lego Batman" and "Pure," an ATV racing game.


Still waiting on the gifts from my mom to get here.

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Well were do I start


I bought my Mom this kings size silk bedspread set that shes been wanting for over 300 hundred bucks


I bought my sister a pair of high heel D&G leather boots for $175.00


I brought my brother a pair of Chad Muska Supra Skytop shoes for a buck 20 ($120)


I bought my younger sister scrubs she works in a doctors office 5 tops/ 5 bottoms was $120


I also bought my 18 month old nephew a $100 toddler Batman Powerwheels Quad and my 3 week old niece over $100+ dollars worth of baby clothes


AND DO YOU KNOW WHAT THESE PEOPLE GOT ME!!!! absolutlely nothing I got not a thing from no one not the four immediate family members above nor from any other relative.


I know christmas isn't all about getting great gifts but man I felt like i was in the movie Sixteen Candles or something, like I didn't even exisit. when I did exist to them, it was to complain about why I didn't get them this or get them that. My mom even hard the gore to get alittle attitude when she thought I had forgot to buy and bring her Mary J Blige stupid new CD like are you serious.


Then on top of that I had to go in and work an overnight shift , so yeah sorry I just got off and I had to get that Rant out


I do truly hope everyone elses Christmas was much much better then mine.

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I got a lot more than I really ever expected this year.


New cell phone, LG enV Touch, 40" Samsung 1080p LCD TV, two $50 dollar gift cards to Best Buy, $50 cash, a few books, Assassin's Creed for the 360, Brutal Legend for the 360, Uncharted 2 for the PS3, Little Big Planet for the PSP, a Sega Genesis, Mortal Kombat for the Genesis, Sonic 2, and the Sega 6 Pak, and finally I got a crap load of candy, chocolates, and baked goods.

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I'm surprised by the amount of people getting PS3s and XBOX360s... so expensive. Well I got this year..

Top Gear: The Challenges DVDs 1 & 2

NHL 10 for XBOX360

Bolt for XBOX 360

Ultimate Matrix Collection

Aeon Flux

Snowboarding goggles

New Jersey Devils hoodie

New Jersey Devils Calendar

$50 towards tickets to see a hockey game of my choice. (Devils Vs. Rangers at MSG)

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-Giant Jar of Nutella

-Giant Can of Cappuccino mix

-New chair for my Office

-Rechargeable AA's for my Camera

-Various Candy



Not a lot, Not expensive, but all stuff i needed + some stuff they know i like (Nutella is my one weakness)


I See the PS3's/Xbox360's/Wii's and raise you hand-baked nutella-frosted sugar cookies




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I really can't believe all the stuff I got this year, I really wasn't expecting it.


-A Kindle with two $50 gift cards, and a $50 gift card to Barnes and Noble

-New Super Mario Brothers

-New York Rangers furry boxers

-PS3 with Ratchet and Clank, LittleBigPlanet, Modern Warfare 2, and NHL 2K8.


-some shaving and bathing supplies



I feel kind of guilty for getting some expensive stuff, but I did give some nice stuff.

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OK let's do the run-down!

Reason recording studio software

Nautica over-nite duffle bag filled with Nautica Voyage cologne products! (MY FAV!!!)

Neutrogena bars to last me a lifetime! (Love it!)

Digital crock pot! (Look out, I got recipes!!!)

Sharper Image Memory Foam Slippers (Like walking on inflatable shoes, awesome!)

3 pounds of Cashews



Gift card

More candy.

Jeezus Juice Kit (containing skyy cherry, triple sec, sours, lime juice, and sprite, with a new shiny cocktail shaker!)

Baseball cap "Hey Mom, I'm Gay"

Sharper Image Digital Camera Binoculars


Homemade caramel-corn


A night of getting liquored up for free!

Money (Always a great gift!)

Honeydew Mellon tea candles

and last, but not least....


20 pounds around my waist... LOL


Hope everyone had a great Christmas, I know I did!

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$85 in iTunes giftcards

Camel Snuggie with reading light

Butterfly pin

Ugly red sweater (wrong size)

Carnival of Carnage by ICP (CD)

Ringmaster by ICP (CD)

Riddle Box by ICP (CD)

The Great Milenko by ICP (CD)

Behind the Paint (autobiography of Violent J)

Roller Coaster (video that looks/sounds really stupid)

Salvation is a Deep Dark Well by The Builders & The Butchers (CD)

Candy (Dutch licorice, Sky Bar, cappuccino chocolate sticks, ladybug milk chocolate, Scandinavian chocolate bars, Moose Munch)


I gave:

Beastie Boys CD

Andrea Boccelli CD



Squeaky stuffed squirrel

Hershey Kisses

A fat check

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