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What Did You Get For Christmas?!


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I didn't get any material stuff, but I did get to spend some time with Diana awhile ago. That's kind of rare nowadays because she's so busy and not around much anymore.


But I don't mind not getting anything. There really isn't much that I want or need anyway.



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* Shirts and Pants

* Lego Batman PC

* Lego Indiana Jones PC

* Wall-E PC and DVD

* The Dark Knight DVD

* Nightmare Before Christmas DVD (with Haunted Mansion ride through)

* Polar Express ornament as a touching reminder of our terrific family trip to Dollywood over Thanksgiving.

* Patagonia Outdoor Belt

* Black Diamond Gizmo head lamp

* Christmas Cookies candle from Yankee Candle Company

* Chocolate Cupcakes candles from Yankee Candle Company

* Wine Bottle Rack (Wine forthcoming. Hoping for Gabbiano Chianti, and Beringer White Zinfendel.)



The best gift was from my good friends Paris and Raymond who got married this spring. They gave me a dual-sided picture of Ray and I, proudly wearing our kilts (I was his best man), along with other various wedding photos. That picture, along with the kilt pin they gave me at the time, are both on display in the living room. What a wonderful reminder of one of the biggest honors of my life.


I couldn't ask for better.

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I didn't get much for Christmas, but I made out okay.



-Pajama Pants

-$50 Best Buy gift card

-$15 iTunes card

-Monopoly Here and Now: The World Edition (with electronic banking)

-Quiet Strength by Tony Dungy

-Guitar Hero World Tour , for the wrong game system.


I can change Guitar Hero games after coming back from Arizona in 2009!

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'Twas a good Christmas...


DVDs -

Star Wars original Trilogy Set

Jurassic Park Trilogy Set


Finding Nemo

Emperor's New Groove



Chamber of Secrets


Rockband 2 (Freaking awesome)

A DVD rack

Electric Razor (Woo!)

Giftcards: Target, Chick-fil-A, and Wat-a-burger

Earphones and Keychain LED Lights


Trip to Walt Disney World and Islands of Adventure in November

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- Jeep Grand Cherokee

- Wii (even though I'm a Playstation guy)

- The Dark Knight Blu-Ray collector's edition

- Resistance 2 (PS3) collector's edition

- Bioshock (PS3)

- Rock Band Drum Pad silencers

- Guitar stand

- iPod alarm clock/dock

- Hollister clothes

- Other random stuff (stocking stuffers)

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Today/last night, I recieved:


A blue t-shirt that has a wii-mote on it and reads "I work out everyday"

Couple pairs of jeans

Carnival Games Mini Golf (Wii)

Sonic Riders Zero Gravity (Wii)

Sonic Unleashed (Wii)

2 $25 Target gift cards

1 $15 Starbucks gift card

1 $10 (I think) Wal-Mart gift card

$20 cash

Some candies including a Wii-mote candy dispenser


From my work, I recieved a $20 Target gift card, and 2 teddy bears ( don't know how 2 happened...some got 3 duplicates..lol)


And my other job, got some sparkling cider as I don't drink wine.

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Christmas was fab this year!


I had my flex ticket for my trip to Orlando last October.

A chocolate fountain (heaven!)

PK got me a webcam and speakers for my laptop

Nightmare Before Christmas mug

Cath Kidston goodies from my sisters

Cash from my grandparents

The Tudors on DVD


I want a Robert Pattinson cardboard cut out though!!!

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My roommates got me something, but I doubt it's the wireless keyboard for my computer that I wanted. I think it's clothes... hope they included the receipt because they always buy something I never wear and eventually give away because they never get the size right. How hard is it to just give me a gift card like I asked for if they can't get the original request? A $30 visa gift card is better than a $50 shirt that's too big.


I'm going to L.A. next year and avoiding the gift exchange.


Just to update, the gift my roommates gave me was actually the wireless keyboard I asked for. That Apple keyboard is TINY! I need to set it up before going to work. I also got some homemade spiced bread and a $25 Itunes gift card.


Still going to L.A. next year though.


I played a prank on my roommate with his gift; he likes his gift to be a wrapped surprise and got b@tchy when I wanted to give him the gift without wrapping it (you know, save the environment and my nerves since I do some of the worst wrap jobs on the face of the earth). So I wrapped a dead hard drive in a box and put then the envelope containing the actual gift on top. Inside the envelope (with a Visa gift card) I wrote:


"I know you like surprises, so here it is: don't bother opening the gift box. Ain't sh@t in it." SURPRISE!!"


I found the unwrapped box by the door last night when I got home from the guy I'm seeing new "family".



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Really good Christmas this year!


-DVD of Sweeney Todd (on stage from the 70s, starring Angela Lansbury and George Hearn - the way it was meant to be)

-2009 ACE Roller Coaster Calendar

-Things that Make us [sic] (A book for staunch - and not stanch - grammar-philes and English verbivores like me)

-Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

-Soundtrack to the new Gypsy revival (starring Patti LuPone)

-Four bottles of vanilla Frappuccino

-"Her Sacred Spirit Soars" (beautiful song by Eric Whitacre)

-"Sleep" (also by Eric Whitacre, "Sleep" is perhaps the most beautiful choral music ever written - I got 8 copies because I'm doing it in an octet for small ensemble contest this spring)

-SPORE (the best game in the history of all games)

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^The thank you note:


Dear ,


Thank you for the picture. I really appreciate it. I found the perfect place for it:


The bathroom.


It really helps me out for the proper motivation when I got to go.


I figure I'll keep it there until we run out of starter paper for the fireplace.


Thanks again!



Terry "my exes know better" Weaver

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