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What Did You Get For Christmas?!

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^ Just be warned that season 2 is based very, very loosely on the books, if even at all. Showtime kind of ran with it, so don't start reading just yet.


I'll tell you what, though - the first season was pretty close to the book, although the book is way deeper in detail - I won't spoil it for you, but I'm glad I waited until after I'd seen them a couple bazillion times before I read the book or I might have been upset.


Season 3 won't be on for another 9 months, though. What a shame

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I pretty much bought or won Christmas presents for this year:



Ipod shuffle


Bought for myself via Auction:

VIP Party Tickets to next years White Party Beach Ball

Four tickets to a circuit party in 3 weeks




8gb memory card


Sad ain't it?


My roommates got me something, but I doubt it's the wireless keyboard for my computer that I wanted. I think it's clothes... hope they included the receipt because they always buy something I never wear and eventually give away because they never get the size right. How hard is it to just give me a gift card like I asked for if they can't get the original request? A $30 visa gift card is better than a $50 shirt that's too big.


I'm going to L.A. next year and avoiding the gift exchange.



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Pretty chill Christmas for me this year:


-new Ipod Touch 8gb

-FreeAgent 500gb external drive

-A bunch of Texas shirts

-baseball cozy pants

-Colt McCoy twilled jersey

-and most of all, TPR trip money!!!


And of course, candy stocking stuffers!

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Well...I just opened the presents that were sent to me from My parents and grandparents.


100 dollars cash

an axe gift pack (Dont use the stuff)

Bubble gum

a dustpan and handled brush....

picture frame.


merry christmas

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I got a lot of random stuff this year.


-Bass guitar (been wanting one for a while, it's awesome)

-Deal Or No Deal Electronic Game (Told you.)

-The Dark Knight DVD

-Tons of socks and undies

-Electronic bubblewrap keychain (look it up, it's pretty cool)

-Animal Crossing Wild World (because it looks better than City Folk)

-iTunes, Target, and Best Buy gift cards

-New watch because my old one sucks

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$100 American Eagle gift card

$50 Aeropostle gift card

Toilettries (Shampoo, Deoderent, body wash, etc... won't have to shop for this stuff for a year)


Pajama Pants (Yay!)



That's what I got


What I bought for myself while Xmas shopping for others:


Rush - Snakes & Arrows Live (Blu-Ray)

Incubus - Alive at Red Rocks (Blu-Ray)

311 - 311 Day (DVD)


What I plan to buy with my Xmas money:


Samsung 32" 1080p LCD TV.

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