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What Did You Get For Christmas?!


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My total "take":


--$350 toward my annual national Jaycees convention trip (Memphis in '08 )

--Two work shirts

--Pair of pants

--Two early 1900s tri-fold postcards for a long-defunct Baltimore amusement park

--Five vintage postcards from Frontier Town in Ocean City, MD

--Early 1980s pictorial history of my home county

--"Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" DVD

--"Welcome Back, Kotter" DVD

--"Rescue from Gilligan's Island" DVD

--"Pixar Shorts" DVD

--A near-complete set of the latest series of Mattel die-cast "Cars"

--"Fun Land USA" amusement park guide (vintage 1978)

--Ghirardelli hot chocolate set

--1 lb. of Asher's chocolate-covered pretzels


--"Welcome Foolish Mortals" biography of Paul Frees

--"Imagineering Field Guide to Epcot"

--"Imagineering Field Guide to Disney's Animal Kingdom"

--"Walt's People" Volume 4

--"Encyclopedia of Non-Sports Cards 1985-Present"

--First season of "CHiPs" on DVD

--"Disneyland: Secrets, Stories and Magic" DVD

--Lennox candleholder

--"Pirates of the Caribbean" wall clock, flag and temporary tattoo set

--Hot Wheels display poster and Yu-Gi-Oh pin (gag gift)

--Disneyland bank

--Gift cards to Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Wal-Mart, Subway, Starbucks, two local restaurants and the local mall


And to all a good night!

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I am very pleased with my Xmas this year:


-Canon SX100 x10 zoom

-2GB SD card



-LG Rumor phone w/ unlimited text messaging (huge upgrade from my old peice of junk!)


-money for the East Coast Trip from Santa, Grandma, and other relatives


-SFFT season pass


-couple shirts




I hope everyone had a great day today and enjoy all of your wonderful gifts!

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Apartment stuff

Starbuck's Stainless Steel Mug

Snoopy Beagle Scouts and Space Snoopy Ornament

Future Enterprise Ornament

Cool stainless steel necklace and ring

A couple gift cards and park trip cash

Batman Anthology DVD Box Set

Movie candy and popcorn snack package with those red and white striped popcorn containers that are popular right now.


2 awesome dinners. One with family and the other with girlfriend's family. Yes, there are thank you notes to write for all. I'm very fortunate and grateful.

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I got:


An Ipod Nano

A record player

Aim: Flight 602

Jack Penate: Mantinee

Harry Potter 5 DVD

An Encyclopedia type thing which has info about all the countries in the world. I forgot the name but it is prettey good.

A roller coaster calendar.


But more importantly



So now she can drive me to places where my parents wont let me go. Hehehehehehe

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Strep throat, a visit to the doctor, two shots, a black eye, busted lip, cracked tooth after a reaction to the shots made me faint and do a faceplant on the floor.....and a partridge in a pair tree. Top that!

Damn dude, that's a Holiday Beatdown!



Yeah, a holiday beatdown is right. I'd definitely like to redo Christmas. And we'll see about a lawsuit...not sure yet. Stay tuned.


Christ, man. Santa beat you up for the holiday season. I sincerely hope Santa prescribed some super-strength meds to boot.

I think the good stuff will probably be prescribed after the dental work. At least I sure hope so.

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I recieved:


- Costco Membership

- $45 in Starbucks Card

- $100 American Express Check

- $20 Target Gift Card

- 2 Cinemark Movie Tickets

- "Disneyland: Secrets, Stories, and Magic" DVD

- Pajama's

- Quicken

- Chocolate

- Some other undisclosed cash amount from the grandparents...

- Present to myself, tickets to tonights Sacramento King's Vs. Boston Game. Can't wait!


Family Gifts (Although I probably wont play again for months, I will play a lot this week.)

- PS3

- Guitar Hero 3

- Rachet and Clank

- Uncharted

- Blu Ray Planet Earth Series


Quiet Christmas this year, but that is the way I like em.


Happy Holidays everyone!

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I think I made out pretty good this year.


- iHome dock

- Super Mario Galaxy

- WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2008

- Flannel Pants

- Flannel Sheets

- RCT 3 Soaked (I never got around to getting the expansion packs for RCT 3)

- Spongebob Throw

- A Book

- A Windbreaker

-$80 in Best Buy gift cards and $50


Maybe when i get to Best Buy, I'll get Guitar Hero 3 and an iTunes card (I seriously need more songs for my iPod)

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EDIT: After the dental work?! They'd better well give you some Novocaine if they're gonna be working around there. (Unless you're seeking further ground to sue. )

No self-respecting hockey player gets novocaine in between periods.


I'm kidding, of course. Considering my fear of the dentist, I'd rather be knocked out....and also be sent home with the good painkillers.

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It was my daughter's first christmas, so I got the joy of seeing her somewhat open her gifts and have a great time with them. Santa's on my bad list though, everything she got makes noise.



Scrubs seasons 1,2 and 3

Simpsons The Movie DVD

Couple of Hoodies

Some Polos for work

DVD player

Phillies Essential Book (I know, no championship for 27 years and counting, but I grew up in the area and I love 'em)


Edit - and today we found out we get to buy a new dishwasher... well that sucks.

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Well lets see.


- Harry Potter 4 on DVD. (Didn't really like it. Both quick and not.)

- The Bards Tale.

- Transformers Movie.

- Some Money.

- And NoLimits.


I'll eventually get around to making some Vlog on it... If I can tear myself away from NoLimits (and any other small game that wasn't mentioned).



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