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What Did You Get For Christmas?!


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^ & ^^, you're both wrong. It's a week and a half.


Anyway, I know I'm getting some sweaters (woo) and some luggage (woo). Nothing terribly exciting. I usually buy the stuff I really want post-holiday time. I really hope Apple releases the Intel Powerbooks soon. Wes wants a Powerbook dammit.

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Free from Verizon, for giving them the gift of my soul for the next 2 years.


From my kickass dad, losts of electronics to put together

The finished product:


And, my Christmas present to myself


So yes, the 25th will be pretty anti-climatic for me, but oh well...more time for Call of Duty 2!

Plus I hate getting all my stuff on Christmas day and not being able to assemble or use any of it for the next 2-3 days because of constantly visiting family.

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As an early Christmas present last night, I got a ticket to see Wicked, in Chicago, on April 15th. I am really excited about seeing it.

Lucky! It was really good when I saw it in San Francisco. I hope you like it!


I don't usually get Christmas presents before Christmas, but I got a lot of candy yesterday at school from friends. And I also got a sprained ankle.

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