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What would rides be like on the moon?

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^Well, I suppose that if you were on a normal slingshot you would come back down, it just would take a lot longer. However, in theory, if you were on a extra powerful one you could rise enough to escape the moon's gravity field and wouldn't come back. You would have to be launched with an incredible speed, though.

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36 pages of discussion later, and the question still stands.


What would rides be like on the moon???

I think the real question here is which moon are we talking about?


Indeed. I imagine there would be major differences in rides on Earth's moon as compared to those on one of Jupiter's moons.

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^That's a good question. I suppose we occasionally fail as a species.


But we're also failing by not keeping this amazing thread on the first page!


So, does the moon have the power to make any coaster better because it is on the moon? Like, would a boomerang be worth marathoning on the moon?



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